The sister of a Washington woman who is missing along with her partner said that she doesn't think the pair left their home willingly.

The sister of a Washington women who has been missing with her partner said that she does not believe the two left their home voluntarily.

Pauline Dutton stated that her sister Karen Koep and Koep’s partner Davido wouldn’t leave without informing someone.

Dutton stated, “I’m sure that they did not leave their home on their own. Let’s just put it this way.” “They didn’t walk away from there. They are not on vacation in Bora Bora. “They are missing and I do not think they left willingly.”

Koep, Davido – whose legal name, according to Dutton, is simply Davido – have been missing since Monday from their Lacey home in Washington.

Dutton stated that police conducted a wellness check on the home Monday, after Koep did not show up for work, and his patients were waiting. Dutton stated that Koep’s offices called her to appear before the police police following failed attempts to contact both Koep, and Davido.

Dutton stated, “That was what got the ball rolling.”

According to a listing in Zocdoc, the couple’s 2015 silver Toyota Yaris was found near where Koep is employed.

The police continue to search for a couple who disappeared in ” suspicious circumstances”, but have not provided any additional details.

Dutton refused to comment on the circumstances of the disappearance for fear of jeopardizing the investigation. She claimed that she had no knowledge of any issues the couple were having before their disappearance.

Dutton says she spoke with her sister last Nov. 10 via text message and that she does not believe anyone has heard anything from Koep since last Friday.

Dutton, who is the Thurston County sheriff’s office in charge of the investigation, said: “We have 100% confidence that these people will work really hard to solve this problem because it’s personal for that community.”

She said that police will be organizing a search for Koep, Davido and the community on Sunday.

Dutton stated that Koep “was very involved in the community”, and “worked the same patients for more than 30 years.”

She said, “People want to do something. They want to help.” Koep’s patients “know and love [her], people want to bring her home.”

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