A Southern California man has been arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beat a woman to death with a fire extinguisher early Sunday, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Friday.

Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday that a Southern California man was arrested and charged with Murder after he allegedly beaten a woman to her death early Sunday morning with a fire-extinguisher.

Dino Rojas Moreno, 26, is a bartender accused of assaulting Tatum Goodwin (27), while she was standing by her vehicle in a Laguna Beach parking lot around 1 am.

Rojas-Moreno allegedly then dragged her to a secluded location behind a movie theatre that was still under construction, and beat the woman with the fire extinguisher.

Tatum Goodwin.NBC Los Angeles

The statement of the district attorney’s office did not reveal a motive. The office stated that it was unclear whether Rojas Moreno and Tatum were related in the past.

A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s Office said that she couldn’t comment on any possible motive. The case is under investigation.

Goodwin’s family has told NBC Los Angeles they do not know Rojas-Moreno.

The district attorney’s said that Rojas-Moreno was charged with murder and enhanced charges of murder committed in the course of kidnapping, as well as personal weapon use.

The district attorney’s said that the victim’s corpse was discovered at 8:20 am on Sunday morning, at the construction site.

Rojas-Moreno, who was arrested in Laguna Hills (near Laguna Beach) on Wednesday, was released after posting bail of $1 million.

The police department released a statement Wednesday that stated, “Detectives have determined this incident was an isolated one and there is currently no threat to the local community.”

Rojas-Moreno’s attorney was not listed in the online court records as of Friday night. The district attorney’s offices announced that an arraignment will be held on Monday.

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