Under Sanders’ proposal, the U.S. would withhold further aid “unless there is a fundamental change in their military and political positions.”

Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, called on Saturday for U.S. assistance to Israel to be conditional on the government’s “military positions and political views” changing.

The Vermont senator stated that while Israel has the legal right to pursue Hamas, Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist regime does not have the legal right to wage a near total war against the Palestinians.

Sanders said that continued aid must be conditional on the commitment to peace negotiations for a solution of two states and the ending of the Israeli occupation or blockade of Gaza.

Sanders’ proposal would see the U.S. withhold any further aid “unless a fundamental shift in their political and military positions is made.”

Two party members claim that Democrats in both the House and Senate are discussing how to create conditions to future military aid to Israel.

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, has consistently supported Israel in the ongoing conflict. He has cited the right of the U.S. ally to defend itself from Hamas. Biden acknowledged the heavy toll on civilians in Gaza, and expressed concerns about Israel’s compliance with international law. However, he has repeatedly opposed a ceasefire.

Sanders has been criticized by other progressives for refusing to support them in their call for a ceasefire.

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