Former first lady Rosalynn Carter passed away Sunday at 96. U.S., Israeli and Hamas negotiators are closing in on a deal to release hostages. And Silicon Valley is rocked by the ousting of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

Rosalynn Carter dies at 96

According to the Carter Center, Rosalynn Carter died at her Plains, Georgia home on Sunday, aged 96.

Carter, as First Lady, was an advocate of mental health care and dedicated herself to many social causes during her public career, including programs supporting health care resources, social justice, human rights and the needs elderly people.

Then-first lady Rosalynn Carter in the Vermeil Room of the White House on Feb. 18, 1977.

White House via AP file

In a public statement, the former president Jimmy Carter described Rosalynn as his “equal partners in everything I have ever achieved”.

She gave me sound advice and encouragement whenever I needed it. “As long as Rosalynn lived, I knew that someone loved and supported my life,” he said.

U.S. and Israeli negotiators, along with Hamas, close in on an agreement to release hostages

NBC News reported that sources familiar with negotiations said a deal could be near to being reached for the release of some Israeli hostages who were taken in the terror attack on Oct. 7.

Three sources warn that nothing is finalized, but the U.S. insists on continuing to work towards a deal.

Jon Finer, Deputy National Security Advisor, told “Meet the Press”, Sunday morning, that the current talks represent the closest officials have come to any type of agreement.

The World Health Organization declared Al-Shifa a “death area” and dozens of premature babies had to be evacuated. They were taken from Al-Shifa in Gaza to Rafah before crossing into Egypt. UNICEF stated in a press release that the babies “clung to life” until they were evacuated.

NBC News Kristen Welker interviewed Finer about the Qatari Prime Minister’s comments that Israel’s actions in Al-Shifa are a “crime.” Finer refused to say if the White House was confident Israel is adhering to international law.

Israel and Hamas war: More information

Biden’s popularity hits a record low

According to NBC News’ latest national poll, President Joe Biden has seen his approval rating drop to its lowest point in his presidency. A large majority of voters are disapproving of the way he handled foreign policy, and of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Biden’s performance as a vice president is rated positively by 44% of registered voters, while it is rated negatively by 57%. In a hypothetical match-up in 2024, the poll finds Biden trailing former President Donald Trump by 46% to 44%.

Biden’s handling the Israel-Hamas conflict is only endorsed by 34% of voters, including 51% of Democrats.

Here you can find more information about the NBC News poll .

The last doctor to perform deliveries in a community says goodbye

img alt=”The vacant nursery in Monroe County Hospital’s labor and delivery wing.” height=”1667″ src=”,f_auto,q_auto:best/rockcms/2023-11/231117-monroeville-hospital-closure-mn-1253-4acb3d.jpg” width=”2500″/>
Charity Rachelle, NBC News

Monroe County in Alabama is the latest state hospital to close its maternity unit.

Dr. Angela Adams Powell was the last labor and birth physician at Monroe County Hospital. She had hoped to be spared, but on Thursday, she and the nurses were present for the emotional last day of the labor ward.

Women who are pregnant in a county with 22% of the population living below poverty level would have to travel up to 103 miles for birth.

Powell is aware of the risks that can be posed by pregnant women who must travel a distance to receive medical attention. She said that driving 40 or 90 miles for medical care can put both mother and child’s lives at risk.

Brief Political Notes

“Fight Club” Congress:Lawmakers were fighting on Capitol Hill this past week. Some lawmakers have had enough of the Republican squabbles and political paralysis. They are quitting.

Democratic friction The Israel-Hamas conflict is an important dividing issue within the Democratic Party. This was something that Rep. Dean Phillips experienced first hand on the campaign trail of his uphill and upstart presidential race.

DeSantis dodges: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis refused on Sunday to condemn a tweet by Elon Musk that endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Manchin 2024? Sen. Joe Manchin has publicly flirted with the idea that he might run for president as a third party. But there are many people in the Biden administration who doubt that he will actually do it.

OpenAI causes a Silicon Valley flutter

Sam Altman, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Week on Thursday in San Francisco. Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP through Getty Images

The sudden announcement that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman would be stepping down shocked the tech world on Friday. The board of directors for the company said that Altman was “not consistently candid” in his communications to the board. This hindered its ability exercise its responsibilities.

OpenAI Chief Operating Office Brad Lightcap said that in a message sent to employees on Saturday, the announcement had “taken us all by complete surprise.”

There are many boomers, cheap flights, and hotels that are packed.

What will many Americans experience when they travel for the holidays in the coming weeks?

After what an industry watcher called a “debacle”, airlines say they are prepared to handle record numbers of travelers this winter.

Justine Goode / NBC News ; Getty Images

Inflation and health issues have kept baby boomers from traveling in the past. Deloitte predicts that Gen X travelers will account for 29% of the total number of travelers. Millennials and Gen Z are expected to be a little less active.

This season, airfares are cheaper for travelers (though it may be more expensive if you fly internationally).

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