The announcement came days after the White House condemned Elon Musk’s post on X that supported an antisemitic claim.

The White House launched Monday accounts on Threads, a social media platform for Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. This is less than one year before the election of 2024.

Meta’s , a competitor of X, was also used to create accounts for the White House (LaCasaBlanca in Spanish), Jill Biden as first lady and Doug Emhoff as second gentleman.

In a White House statement, a White House official stated that “We are committed in meeting people where they’re at.” Threads is a new way to communicate with Americans about the historic actions of this administration.

Biden posted his first thread on Threads Monday afternoon.

He wrote, “You are hearing me today on a different platform but my message hasn’t altered.”

Last week, the White House condemnedtechnical executive Elon Musk’s post on X which supported an antisemitic accusation. A White House official confirmed Monday that the plans to launch Threads accounts have been in place for several weeks.

The Biden campaign has managed tensions surrounding the president’s social media use. Biden passed a law last year that banned TikTok from government devices. Since then, his campaign has weighed the risks of disengaging with platforms which reach millions of users against his administration’s messaging regarding the security concerns of certain platforms.

NBC News reported that this year, the Biden campaign will not have a TikTok page after Biden warned that the video-sharing app, whose Chinese parent company ByteDance is owned, posed a threat to national security.

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