Three suspects charged in the death of a Louisiana woman who was dragged during a violent carjacking pleaded guilty Monday, authorities said.

The teenagers accused of the drag-dragging death of a woman, whose arm had been severed in a New Orleans vehicle theft last year, pleaded guilty and were sentenced Monday to 20 years behind bars.

The teens were found guilty of attempted manslaughter for the death of 73 year old Linda Freckey. After the charges against four teenagers – aged 15-17 – were reduced, the teens entered guilty pleas.

All were scheduled to be tried on Monday. The jury selection process for the single suspect accused of driving the car when Frickey was killed began on Monday.

The suspect, now 18 years old, is facing a life term if found guilty of second degree murder.


The location of the carjacked and drag-to-death Linda Frickey’s body in New Orleans is marked by a collection of flowers, a cross and a halo. Three teenage girls who were facing charges for the dragging death Frickey on Monday, November 20, 2023, pleaded guilty. (AP)

The three girls that entered guilty pleas in March 2022 were charged as adults. Frickey was injured when she became entangled in her seatbelt while the carjackers were speeding away with her vehicle.

Authorities said that her arm was severed while she was being dragged around a block. She died on the spot. Her car was found several hours after she was abducted.

Jinny Frickey said, “I’m certain they meant it when they apologized.” Frickey’s younger sister agreed. You are often sorry when you look back in retrospect. You did it. “Unfortunately, they did do it, and they must serve their time.”

One defendant said, “That was not what we intended to do,” she said tearfully about the murder. “I hope that you can all forgive me.”

This image shows three of the four teenagers arrested for the murder of Linda Frickey in New Orleans.

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Jason Williams, the Orleans Parish district attorney, said that the Frickeys showed grace when they heard the defendants’ words.

He said that “our hearts and unwavering supports continue to be with Frickey Family as we fight for Justice and pursue a Resolution that honors Linda’s memory.”

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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