On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we live in a world where the Democrat Marxists control the media and the culture, and like every Marxist regime before there is only one religion that they will tolerate and that is the religion of government.

Mark Levin said on Monday that we live in a society where the Democrat Marxists are the ones who control the media, the culture and, like all Marxist regimes before, they only tolerate one religion, which is that of the government. Marxists cannot be pro Israel because they are anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and anti-Semites like Bernie Sanders and Antony Blinken. This type of Marxism, which is taught at colleges and universities today, leads to the anti-Americanisms and anti-Semitisms that are seen in our streets and in our government. We can’t allow Blinken or the Biden administration, who are promoting a two-state fantasy, to divide up Israel into pieces and give them to Hamas. They won’t be satisfied until Israel has been eradicated. Hamas won the election in Palestine, and the majority support the surprise attacks against Israel. Not just Hamas, but also the PLO and other Palestinian groups do not support peace. They are in fact supporting the attacks on Israel. Elon Musk, X and other investors lost money after posts appeared next to neo Nazi and pro-Hamas ads. CNN and other Democrat outlets have used sites like Media Matters or Mediaite to spread their lies, and they’ve destroyed reputable journalism. The Republican establishment, RINO Governors and uniparty Billionaires have all thrown their support behind Nikki Haley’s candidacy as the Republican candidate in 2024. Nikki Haley doesn’t run on her record, because she is a bland governor in South Carolina who does not support the little guy. Haley has become a favorite of the GOP establishment, and media outlets are giving her more exposure in order to boost her candidacy. Mark talks with Vivek RAMASWAmy, the 2024 Republican Presidential candidate about the Washington D.C. uniparty as well as companies such Blackrock that have liberal environmental and social goals and are now supporting Nikki Haley.

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Rough transcription for Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin is here. Our number is 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. You can hear. It’s something I have had since Friday night. It’s not the flu, nor is it a cold winter. God knows what. We are here. Let me talk about something controversial. But I cannot help it that, quite frankly speaking, we live in a society where the Marxist Left and the Democrat Party are the ones who control the media. They also control the culture. I will not. I won’t even lie down for it. I will not even lay down to do this. The truth is always the truth. What do I mean when I say the? Let’s start this way. You cannot be a Marxist and a Jew, Christian, or anything else. Because Marxist. We will work on it, because Marxism is by definition. Rejects. Faith rejects. God rejects. Different viewpoints. Each Marxist regime. North Korea. Cuba. The old Soviet Union. They only tolerate so-called religions that they support and control. No, other than that. This is why so many Marxist leaders are requesting their pictures to be placed in churches, etc. I saw a report in which Bernie Sanders demanded that any aid given to Israel would be conditional on Israel’s destruction. In that report, they mentioned Bernie Sanders who is Jewish. Jamie Raskin has been quoted everywhere. Jamie Raskin and another group of Marxists who are Jewish in the House are calling for Israel to unilaterally stop firing. Yes, I have been on Noamchomsky. As a Marxist, I think. He was involved in the formation of one of those Jewish groups you see. It was about a month ago that the capital of Israel changed hands. They’re Jewish, but not in any other sense. If there was a Thomas Friedman working at The New York Times. Later, I will talk about him in more detail. Who is the author of these unhinged articles? When he writes about Israel, all of his columns have the same theme. It’s repetitive and almost illiterate. He gets the Pulitzer Prize. But Israel as it is now shouldn’t exist. You can say that to anyone except radicals. The government in question is unlegitimate, and it should be thrown out. On and on. Thomas Friedman was the same Thomas Friedman who praised communist China a few years ago. If you are a Marxist. If you are a Marxist. You can’t be pro-Israel. Marx also writes about violent revolutions. The final revolutions. Status quo overthrow. The majority of Marxists also hate Jews. He may say that some of the people are Jews. Mark, I’m referring to the fact that you mentioned Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a leading anti-Israeli in our country. Noam Chomsky. He insists on Israel’s destruction. Jamie Raskin is the father of Marcus Raskin. Marcus Raskin. Marcus Raskin. I’d argue that he was communist. Raskin was invited here many times, and is free to debate the issue. This father was a hard-core leftist. Your worldview is not based upon your faith. You are born a Jew. We control whether you are born a Jew, or not. Your worldview is based upon a. Tyrannical ideologies. All else is secondary. Nothing else matters. When I say that some of these people are self-hating Jews, I am referring to this. Is Judaism a religion? Is it a religion? What is it exactly? It’s both, in my opinion. If you are a Marxist, then it’s the same. You are Jewish by birth, ethnicity. You’re Jewish by birth, but not by belief. Not many Orthodox Jews are Marxists. Just art. You can also look in the mirror to see if she can see it. The most faithful Catholics. Could be Marxists. The majority of Marxists will never be true Catholics. The list goes on. When I speak about Jews who hate themselves, I am attacked horribly. Here I am. Someone who is devoted to his religion. A person who loves America. There was a campaign two or three weeks back. Media matters is being charged with criminal prosecution. Later, I’ll get to that. CNN has followed up. Mediate was founded by another Jewish man. Others. It was a lie. Here’s how it works. This is what Marxists are doing. Marxists is what I mean. By Marxists, I do not necessarily mean Karl Marx. When I wrote a book, I was referring to American Marxism. These people, these Jews who hate themselves, were a perfect fit for American Marxism. The New York Times. The New York Times. Outspoken. Outspoken media outlets. Media corporations. Media corporations. Today, one of the most influential media outlets is undermining Israel’s war against Hamas Nazis. When you teach Marxism at colleges and universities. You are teaching antisemitism and anti-Americanism. Combine that with Islamist ideologies, which grew in popularity about 40 to 50 years ago on college campuses and universities. There is a overlap. There is a overlap. Now. Something quite sinister is going on. Blinken is a Jewish guy. We’ve been told this over and again. Okay, great. Who cares? Thomas Friedman is Jewish, we’re told. Bernie Sanders today is Jewish. Jamie Raskin is Jewish. None of them. Are strong supporters. They are all strong supporters. Israel. They’ll claim to be, but they’re really not. If only Israel would give up Judea-Samaria. If only Israel would accept a two-state solution. If only Israel would get rid of its right-wing government. And Netanyahu. Israel should be involved right now in a ceasefire. Provide fuel. Gas and food are available. Would Israel only do these things? There would be no Israelis if Israel did as they wished. This brings me to the second point. Think about the events of October 7, and then compare them to what is happening today. You can see. The weather is dark. Very dark. In response to the affordability question regarding civilians in Gaza, an Israeli spokesperson said: Hey, look. They voted to elect a homeowner so they must suffer the consequences. Is it their right? What happened to Nazi Germany? What do you mean? They installed Hamas. There’s also a new survey available. It’s been posted. The vast majority of Palestinians supported what happened on October 7th. We’re told that there is a huge gap between Hamas, and Palestinians. There’s no gap. This big gap is not there. I did not do the survey. What are we to do now? What are we supposed to do? Israel can be sliced and diced. Based on a fictional story. Who is the great Palestinian leader for peace? Who is this man? Who are you? Martin Luther King They don’t. You’ll be dead in two seconds. They talk about Abbas’ moderate Palestinian Liberation Organization, which is a terrorist. Moderate. They’ll say it over and over. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re moderate. They’re killers. They’re terrorists. Arafat created it in the early 1960s. A terrorist, a killer who murdered many Americans. Why is this our cause? America’s cause? After all these years, there have been mass murders of Americans and others. To create a new, special country for Palestinians. What is the basis? Israel is fighting and its soldiers are dying. IDF soldiers are dying. One soldier dies there, and that’s like 10,000. Here’s the deal. Big deal. There’s no concern for their soldiers. As I have told you, the majority of them. Our citizen soldiers. Nobody. Nobody weeps over their death. Never. Israelis asked if they should fight this war. Will you not lose more people if you continue to fight? No one asked this question. Everyone knows what Hamas does in the Gaza Strip. Everyone knows they want to cause as many casualties possible. They are getting the video they want and giving it to American and world media. Hamas is telling the American and world media what to do. As a result, more babies die and more people are murdered. They don’t accept any responsibility. Nothing. You do not give fuel, food or medical care to the enemy. Many Israeli leaders have disagreed with me. It is best to just get it done. It is the fastest way to save people. You can’t allow people to be like Blinken. Another self-hating Jew that appoints his childhood friend. As the envoy for Iran. This boy’s friend brought in spies. This boy, her friend, is selling America out to Iran. Her friend’s son, who is her boy, has just lost his clearance for classified information and no one knows why. Blinken whispers in Biden’s ear. He is responsible for rearming Iran. This means he’s rearming Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other terrorists in Iraq. Blinken. Thomas Friedman’s columnists are followed by who? You can’t deny anything I say. There’s nothing I say to you that is controversial. They don’t want a debate. They do not want to debate. They don’t want to engage in discussion. They want to destroy. So, I will tell you my opinion. I’ll be back.

Segment 2

Everyone in the media knows that I will be saying this in The Jerusalem Post. Seventy-five percent of respondents were in favor of the attack on October 7. Here are the Palestinians of Gaza and West Bank. They all agreed to support one Palestinian state from the river up to the sea. But they do agree that Israel and Jews must be exterminated. Why isn’t the policy of our government based on a recognition of reality? In that case, a quote-unquote two state solution is impossible. Hamas, I’ve explained, is not about a state. It’s about the caliphate. Hezbollah is the same. Iran is also a threat. They are not satisfied to control Persia. They are not satisfied that they control Lebanon. They’re also not satisfied controlling Gaza. Take 2 seconds to examine their ideology. It’s not only Jews but also Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and whatever else they plan to do to world population. 75% of Palestinians support October 7.

Segment 3

Here’s what you need to know. After Hamas’s devastating October seven massacre. What was the result of this poll? Was it done by Arab countries for research and development or not? According to a poll conducted by Arab World for Research and Development on November 14, Palestinian society’s rights seem to be less divided than the rest of world. The question was: How much support do you give to the military operation conducted by the Palestinian Resistance led by Hamas in October? Arabs and Palestinian resistance. The overwhelming majority of Palestinians in the West Bank, 83.1%, said they were either extremely or somewhat supportive. Only 6.9% said they were against the attack. Only 8.4% said they did not know exactly what was going on. Palestinians in Gaza are less united, but still support the attack. A staggering 63.6% of respondents said that they were in favor of the attack to a great or moderate extent. 14.4% said they did not oppose or support this attack. What about that? There were very few differences in the opinions of Palestinian women and Palestinian males when it came to support for the October 7 attack. It goes on. It’s because of this that you won’t see it in the majority of media, you won’t hear about it on Sunday shows, you won’t find it discussed on CNN, MSNBC, and other platforms. It is a lie. Yet. There is a big difference. There’s a huge difference between Hamas, and Palestinians. Hamas is Palestinian. As horrendous all of this is. Not the majority. It is supported by a vast majority of Palestinians. It will never be mentioned in any meaningful way on other networks. This is not a topic that Blinken and Sullivan will be discussing. Biden is certain to speak about it. Has there been any attempt to divide the state of Israel? Anti-Semitism is built into our government and Department of State. It dates back to World War Two. It’s still there, and Blinken is leading it. Thomas Friedman is the voice of this film. As I have said before, the Holocaust and World War Two are two of the most important events in history. It was self-hating Jews that covered it up. Or, they may have been more FDR Democrats than religious. This is something I’ve researched. Other people have written about this. I’ve written about it. I won’t pretend that it doesn’t happen. It’s happening now. It is happening now. Over the weekend, I posted something that attracted a lot attention. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in this because I believe it is important. As I speak, I am trying to bring it up. It will, of course, come up. It’s there. You should read it to me. Blinken’s exploiting of the war against Israel is now crystal clear. The Arab states, EU, UN, and the EU read the memo and then I touched the whole thing. I don’t think it was meant to be made public. Here’s a pull quote. Quote: As I have said in private as well as in public, the State Department received this blank letter. The voices and aspirations of the Palestinian people must be central to post-crisis Gaza governance. It is. They are Hamas supporters. This is confusing. They tell us that they support Hamas. They voted Hamas. We support a Palestinian-led government in Gaza with Gaza united with the West Bank. Okay. Gaza united with the West Bank. Now you want to take the whole of Judea-Samaria. Israel’s ancestral territory, the ancestral land of the Jewish people, is handed over to the Palestinians. Keep in mind that if Blinken gets his way, this land will be given to the same people who just six weeks earlier tried to kill Jews. In other words, the terrorists will be rewarded. Gaza’s reconstruction needs to be supported by a long-term mechanism. We emphasized that America is opposed to any action which undermines efforts to create lasting peace and security. No forced removal of Palestinian civilians. Not now. Not now. Stop there. This was Egypt’s territory, the Palestinian land. Just by following the precedent, Palestinians will have an inalienable right to that land. It was given to the Palestinians in 2005 by Israelis. Now it is theirs. There is no permanence. After World War Two, I would like to remind you. Germany was neatly de-Nazified. In Japan, and elsewhere, there was an attempt to change cultural beliefs. It’s not enough to win wars, then give land away to the losers. Then hope that they will do better. One person can start an entire culture. The Palestinians. They are babies until they reach whatever age. Brainwashing. Blinken is saying that we won’t address this. Then that would be a disaster. He says, “No reoccupation of Gaza following the conflict.” I thought, someone like this guy. He is a bureaucrat with a lot of experience. He was a Senate staffer when Joe Biden was a Senator. He has been to Ivy League poison courses, and so on. He’s now here, telling the world what will happen. He wasn’t elected. He claims that there will be no reoccupation in Gaza following the conflict and no attempt at blockade, or besiegement of Gaza. Gaza’s territory will not be reduced. Gaza cannot be used as a base for terrorist acts or violent crimes. No tolerating such attacks in the West Bank. What does it even mean? What’s the point? Listen to what I have to say. Listen to this. He only uses extremists when he is talking about Jews in the West Bank. Any Native American living on ancestral land is not a settler. The Jews are not settlers either. This is what I wrote. The entire memo can be accessed by posting that part. It is this pressure campaign that leftists are waging in Israel against the conservative government led by Netanyahu to topple it and replace it with radical, left-wing parties who will effectively control Israel. Israel’s future will be determined by the United States State Department where Blinken is a mere US Cabinet Secretary. Our government and the United States State Department are responsible for this. Israel won’t survive with the Blinken Plan, at least not for very long. Since Obama became president, this has been the plan. Thomas Friedman and the New York Times have been pushing this plan. This plan was pushed by Blinken when he was Obama’s deputy secretary of State. You should have heard John McCain slam Blinken on the Senate floor when he ran for the position of deputy secretary of State and said “absolutely not.” You should also check out the link I provided. It’s really compelling. He predicts who Lincoln is, and what Lincoln will become. It’s true. Blinken was pressed by two. Biden’s whisperer is responsible for pouring $100 billion in the rearming Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Blinken said. Blinken said. Blinken destroyed Iran’s popular uprising, when the Iranians tried to overthrow their murderous regime through the support of its oil-rich people. Duncan appointed Robert Malley, an Iranian marxist, to be the U.S. ambassador to Iran for the purpose of negotiating a new nuclear deal. Malley set up a spy ring of Iranian high-ranking officials in Washington, and undermined Israel at every turn. Now, the so-called realignment between Obama and Biden Blinken is underway. The consequences for Israel, the United States and indeed the Middle East are grave and dire. This is a diabolical and hideous plan that’s being implemented right now, without transparency or involvement from Congress or the American public. This is the work of a small group of radical, left-wing arsonists. Who could easily start World War Three. Mark, what is this all about? It could easily lead to World War Three. How long before Blinken’s era is over? Where is the chairman of the House Republican Committee? What are Senate Republicans? We are a conservative think tank. Where is the conservative media? I am aware that the Democrat Party and the Democrat Party meetings are more than useless. Their collusion is propagandist. Thomas Friedman, New York Times, and Jamie Raskin at the House have all said this. If there is no organized pushback, and a public and relentless demand for accountability, transparency, and the targeting Blinken to be impeached, whether successful or not it will, evil will win. Remember the devastations that the Biden-whisperer unleashed in his three years of running American foreign affairs. He has brought death, inhumanity, and poverty to one society and region after another. It is horrible to hear about the hostages being held in Gaza. There is not a word about American citizens. In Afghanistan. What is the status of those negotiations? No negotiations are taking place. It’s as if it never happened. The families of those who are still in Afghanistan are American citizens. They don’t know how many. Israel has the obligation to undo Hamas’s actions. Israel is responsible for releasing the hostages, not anyone else, including the United States or Britain. Let us not forget that Israel has an obligation to defeat a foe whose people also celebrate 9/11 and October 7. Israel is responsible for feeding and medicating. Hamas is trying to fight the people of Gaza. Today I saw even more photos of babies. They are being relocated to other areas for care. Not only Gaza, but also Egypt. Israel is trying to help them. Hamas didn’t seem to be taking care of anyone. Here’s my bottom line, without going into all the details, the weeds. The Palestinians don’t want peace. Period. Not only Hamas Not only Hamas Not just the PLO. They celebrate 911. They elected Hamas. They elected Abbas. They support the current situation. This is the truth. The people may or may not want to hear this. The agenda that is being pushed by media, Democrat Party and State Department, as well as the Oval Office, is based on a lie. Some Israelis, and even those outside of the Israeli Government in Israel, have embraced this fiction. They believe in this fiction. They want to be believed. They can believe it, but it isn’t true. It’s just not true. This poll, which was conducted by an Arab group, from the river to sea, shows that the vast majority Palestinians are in agreement. This is why there’s so much talk. What’s the story? What’s happening here? You righteous Gentiles. You know what I mean. It’s not necessary to be Jewish in order to understand this. Just be a good human being. Who can tell good from evil? There’s no other country in the world that would be treated this way by the United States. The New York Times. CNN and MSNBC. There is no other country on earth where a small minority of people fight for survival. They live in their ancestral land. They were killed like six weeks ago. It’s impossible to think of another country that has to have a constant PR war in order to defend themselves and is told to put their arms behind their backs when they fight. It’s because of the Kurds. It’s the Jewish state. It wouldn’t have happened to the British or the French. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 4

Matt Vesper, a good man and a writer, has written a piece for one of my favourite sites, Town Hall. When Israel began airstrikes on Gaza, he says everyone knew that there would be displacement. Hamas attacked Israel twice in October, on the 7th and 28th. As the ground invasion began scores of Palestinians tried to flee to safety in the south. Hamas fired at some of those who fled. The left is raging against Israel and shouting anti-Semitic insults. Some may wonder why civilians are left with nowhere to go. Beyond geography, Palestinians are troublemakers and have a sordid past of causing mayhem and terror in other Arab countries. Cairo does not want Palestinians for a good reason. Terrorism. Tanks are now being deployed to secure the border. Egypt’s Prime Minister even stated that his country was willing to sacrifice millions of dollars to ensure no Palestinians enter Egypt. Jordan, of course has reasons to be against them. In the 1970s, late King Hussein declared them a war, expelled them from his country and declared that they were trying overthrow him. These are just two examples. I’m running out of time. I’ll be back in a moment.

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