Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood in The Rolling Stones will tour across North America in 2024.

The Rolling Stones’ “Hackney Diamonds” was released last month. It is their first original album in 18 years.

The legendary English band announced Tuesday that they will be touring.

The Stones are touring the U.S., Canada and Mexico from April 28th in Houston to July 17th in Santa Clara.

The tour includes 16 major cities including New Orleans Las Vegas Seattle Atlanta Philadelphia Denver Chicago Los Angeles Vancouver British Columbia

The concert will feature the Stones’ biggest hits, as well as “Hackney Diamonds” and new songs.

The Stones’ last tour across the U.S. was in 2021, for the No Filter Tour. This marked the first time since 1963 that the band toured without Charlie Watts. Watts, a self-deprecating and unshakeable Rolling Stones drummer who helped anchor the rock’s most legendary rhythm section, died in 2021. He was 80.

On Dec. 1, tickets for the Stones North American Hackney Diamonds Tour will be on sale.

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