Hong Kong Disneyland opened its first “Frozen”-themed attraction on Monday, with thousands of eager visitors turning up to experience the new rides.

HONG KONG – Hong Kong Disneyland’s first ” Frozen ” themed attraction opened on Monday. Thousands of visitors flocked to the park to try out the new rides. Some waited in line for hours.

The new section is based on Disney’s hugely popular “Frozen” animation film. It features characters and landscapes from the film as well as two new rides: a rollercoaster and a water ride that take visitors through various scenes in the film.

Josh D’Amaro is the chairman of Disney Experiences. He said that the film had become one of Disney’s most successful franchises over the last decade. Hong Kong Disneyland has been expanding its park since 2005. The World of Frozen is the biggest and most ambitious expansion.

Disney announced in Septembre a $60 billion expansion to its parks and cruises that would take place over a period of about 10 years. The new attraction will be a game changer as Chinese tourists return to the world after the pandemic.

Disney fans dressed as characters from “Frozen” were among the hundreds who waited in line hours before the event.

Disney enthusiast Bryan Darmanic from California, along with his wife, daughter and other family members, were among the first to ride the Frozen roller coaster. They received limited edition souvenirs as a way to remember the experience.

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