According to a Fox News report, Zainab Chaudry, an anti-Israel activist who serves as the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Maryland office, made a number of antisemitic posts on social media following the horrific attacks on October 7th carried out by terror group Hamas.

According to a Fox News article, Zainab Chaudry is an anti-Israeli activist and director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Maryland office. She made several antisemitic social media posts following the horrendous attacks on the 7th of October carried out by the terror group Hamas.

Chaudry claimed that the babies killed during the terror attacks were “fake”. He also compared Israel with Nazi Germany, and made a series of posts that promoted conspiracy theories.

Chaudry wrote on Facebook in an Oct. 26 post: “I’ll never understand why the world erupted into rage over 40 fake Israeli children while turning a complete blind eye to 3,00 Palestinian babies.”

Chaudry, in a post dated October 17, also posted pictures of Israelis compared to Nazis. The caption read: “[T]hat Moment when you become what your hated the most.”

Fox News

Chaudry wrote in a post dated Nov. 6 that the existence of Israel, as a country, was the reason for the war. She called it an “inconvenient truth” and included a picture of the words: “it all began in 1948,” which is the year Israel became a nation.

Other posts from the weeks after the attack show Chaudry sharing quotes celebrating “martyred Palestinians” and a post that cited what appeared to an Islamic prophecy which said “garrisons that defend the lands Islam will be located in Ashkelon”, an Israeli city north the Gaza Strip.

Despite her posts, Chaudry still holds a seat on the Maryland Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention. She was nominated for this position by Democrat Maryland Attorney-General Anthony Brown in August.

Fox News:

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