President Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday, continuing his record as America’s oldest sitting president.

Joe Biden, the oldest president in America, turned 81 years old on Monday. Joe posted a photo of his cake on social networking sites, which drew some barbs from X members.

Biden joked about his 146th birthday on the POTUS account.

The president used the same image in his first post on Threads. He joked, “I’m 81 years old and all I get is a new social media platform.”

He joked: “And I hope the union at the candle factory got you overtime, for the workers there.”

Here comes the Internet. Reactions curated by The New York Post

“There’s a portal to hell on a plate in front of him,” former National Rifle Association spokeswoman-turned-radio host Dana Loesch wrote on X.

Another critic complained, “The cake reminds of the state of [the] US Economy.”

Third, Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press secretary, seemed to criticize her for not managing the image of her boss, writing “Karine he looks evil in that pic.” “Bad look.”

Another person shared a gif of Will Smith’s character from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, in which he sets a pan ablaze.

A third joked that “Joe Biden received an Olympic torch as a birthday cake, while others joked “Biden’s birthday cake looks like it is a bonfire.”

Biden is too old to become President. Recent New York Times survey found that 71% of swing state voters believed Biden was “too old” to be an “effective president.” Only 39% felt the same about Donald Trump.

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