One woman's weekly trip to her local Subway in College Park, Georgia, turned into a financial fiasco when she was charged $7,112.98 for a sandwich.

A woman’s weekly visit to Subway in College Park turned into a financial disaster when she was charged $71,12,98 for a single sandwich.

Vera Conner, who ordered her favorite — the No. On Oct. 23, Vera Conner expected to pay $7.54 for her favorite Italian sub. This time her favorite sandwich of salami, pepperoni and ham came with a tip of $7,105.44.

“When I saw my receipt, it was like ohmygod!” Conner said to NBC News. “I thought that this number looked familiar — it was my last six phone numbers. Who would leave such a tip?

Conner claimed that the screen switched to a tip when she entered her phone number in order to receive her Subway loyalty rewards.

Conner did not notice the charge until she checked her receipts on Friday. Conner spent a month trying to get the charge off her Bank of America card.

Conner said, “I thought that it would be a simple fix… but then I received the denial letter from the bank.” The letter did not even explain why the dispute over the charges was denied. “That’s when my worries began.”

Conner called Subway and her bank to get help. She even went to the Subway store to ask for assistance. Subway’s manager told Conner that the bank had to handle the chargeback.

Bank of America said that the refund had been denied as Conner had still to pay $7.54 to purchase the sandwich. The claim was resubmitted, but only the tip in dispute.

Conner finally received a temporary credit for the charge after a month-long battle on Monday.

Conner said that she heard that people should always use their credit cards instead of debit cards to avoid these types of incidents. “I’m getting angry at the bank, because they didn’t think $7,000 at Subway was suspicious.”

Conner says that she is happy that the problem is now resolved but that she has given up on reward apps. These apps are not worth the hassle.

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