On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the best of Mark Levin on Thanksgiving Day.

Mark Levin’s best Thanksgiving Day remarks will be featured on Thursday’s Mark Levin show. Media in America are destructive, inhumane and utterly moral. They have no conscience and tear this country apart with their lies and projection. Donald Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had and the only president with a Jewish family. But to those who dislike him, he’s Hitler. Media Matters, Joe Scarborough and other Democrat media outlets make a mockery out of the Holocaust when they call their political opponents Hitler. They also repeat Hamas propaganda in order to attack Israel. The media of totalitarian governments do this; they make people like Trump look bad so that we believe them to be the enemy, no matter what their actions or words are. The radical Democrat judges, prosecutors, and prosecutors are the ones who destroy the judicial system. This is because since Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat strategy has been to force the will of the people through the judiciary. In Washington D.C., and Manhattan, the cases brought against Donald Trump should have been dismissed. In Manhattan, we have a case with an intellectually unsound judge, a Marxist prosecution and a radical clerk whispering into the ear the judge. Letitia James has cherry-picked information in order to accuse Trump or his team of misconduct. A radical Democrat judge allowed this. It is a grotesque attempt to undermine the election campaign, interfere with the 2024 elections, and undermine constitutional norms. This is done by hack Democrat judges in Washington D.C., New York, and elsewhere. The Biden administration will then get away with murder on the American border, in Israel and Ukraine. The situation on our southern border is disgraceful for both American citizens as well as migrants. However, the majority of media refuses to cover it. The president cannot ignore our immigration policy and open our borders regardless of what the media thinks.

Photo taken by Win McNamee

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