Nazi flags and a Schutzstaffel history book were among the items found in the home of the Ohio Walmart shooter who earlier this month wounded four people before killing himself, records show.

Records show that Nazi flags, a Schutzstaffel book and Nazi history were found at the home of Ohio Walmart Shooter. He killed himself earlier this month after injuring four people.

According to the FBI, Benjamin Charles Jones (20) may have been inspired at least in part by violent and racist ideology, based on his journal entries and other evidence collected following his shooting spree at Beavercreek Walmart, on November 20. The FBI did not provide any details about the items and writings at the time.

Court documents indicate that Beavercreek detectives seized a number of items during a search at Jones’ Dayton home, including two Nazi banners, a history book of the SS, a shooting card, notes written by hand, electronic equipment, and a blue file containing documents.

The contents of both the blue folder and the handwritten notes were not immediately apparent on Tuesday.

The SS, or the German paramilitary group known as the SS, was a paramilitary organisation that operated in Germany under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party during World War II. White supremacists all over the world have adopted Schutzstaffel ideologies and symbols.

Documents recently released by the court also detail what occurred during and after the shooting.

Surveillance footage shows Jones leaving a black 2000 GMC pickup truck that he had left running and with the driver-side door open at 8:37 pm. According to court documents, he was seen carrying a rifle into Walmart.

Police respond at the scene of an incident that occurred on November 20 in Beavercreek (Ohio). WLTW

Around the same time, the Beavercreek Police Department got a call about a man who walked into the store carrying a rifle. The caller said that the man then began shooting.

Documents from the court show that the department received “numerous emergency 911 phone calls” shortly afterward regarding a person firing a gun inside the store. The caller described him as a male white wearing jeans, a black jacket and carrying a bag.

Around 8:42 pm, an officer arrived at the scene. He found a man who matched the description of the suspect with what looked like a self-inflicted wound. Jones was identified as the man.

According to the FBI, there were four victims: a black woman, two white women and a man. According to court documents, all survived but one victim has serious injuries.

Jones’ black pickup truck also contained a handwritten note. The police have not revealed what the note says.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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