The family of a Los Angeles man who was walking on an interstate and died after a confrontation with a California Highway Patrol officer is calling for the officer to be prosecuted.

The family of the Los Angeles man, who died in a collision with a California Highway Patrol Officer while walking on a highway, is demanding that the officer be prosecuted.

Attorneys for Jesse Dominguez’s family, Luis Carrillo & Michael Carrillo said that the unidentified officer shot at Jesse Dominguez seven times.

Dominguez was pronounced dead at a Los Angeles County Coroner’s office after the encounter on Nov. 19,.

Highway patrol previously reported that Dominguez had used a stungun on the officer who opened fire. The agency’s representative could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

Social media videos circulated showing the officer and Dominguez engaged in a physical fight. Attorneys for Dominguez’s family said that the highway patrol had not released any videos or images of the incident in its entirety.

According to California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office, which is investigating the incident, the confrontation took place shortly after 3 p.m. A section of Interstate 105 was closed in Los Angeles County following 911 calls regarding a man who was walking on the highway.

The video shown during the briefing on Tuesday showed an officer standing on Dominguez’s back, before shooting him at close range. According to the highway patrol, the officer shot after Dominguez fired a stungun at the officer.

Michael Carrillo is Luis’s son. He said that the video shown at the news conference on Tuesday was shot by an innocent bystander. The video may not capture the whole interaction. Carrillo stated that the physical struggle lasted for about 15 seconds. The video started with the officer on Dominguez, who was lying on the ground.

He said that the autopsy report of Dominguez had not been seen by attorneys.

“An officer with a reverence for life should be able to tell that a young person walking along a major highway has mental problems.” Luis Carrillo stated that the officer should have called mental health professionals before he pulled his gun. “He should have called the sergeant. He should have called backup. Anything to save human lives. He didn’t. He pulled out his pistol and shot Jesse seven times.

His family reported that Dominguez suffered from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

His family’s lawyers also denied on Tuesday the claim of the highway patrol that Dominguez was in possession of a stungun during the confrontation.

The family of Dominguez said he bought a stungun, but the highway patrol did not show any proof that it was with him at the time.

“CHP have not released any photos of any Taser they recovered.” Michael Carrillo stated that it could have been a phone.

Luis Carrillo says that Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascon, and county officials must hold the officer responsible.

He said, “This is a shocking act.” “We demand Gascon charges this officer with second degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. He is a threat to the community. He shouldn’t be wearing a badge. He shouldn’t be patrolling streets anymore.”

Gascon’s office was immediately available for comment on Tuesday. Unable to reach a representative of the Highway Patrol on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, relatives remembered Dominguez’s gentle nature and his closeness to his family. Michael Carrillo stated that Dominguez was a waiter, but also an aspiring actor and singer.

Jose Figueroa said that Dominguez was not the only one who died in such a way.

“Factually, my nephew is currently in a refrigerator.” Figueroa stated that the cop should be put in jail.

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