Sgt. Michael Moran, with the Cortez Police Department in Colorado, was fatally shot during an attempted traffic stop on Wednesday, authorities said.

Authorities said that a Colorado police officer, along with a suspect, were both killed after a traffic check escalated to a shooting.

Sgt. Michael Moran, 46 years old, of the Cortez Police Department had stopped a car just before 11:15 a.m. South Broadway, when shots were fired.

Moran was seriously injured and taken to Southwest Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

After the shooting, the suspects fled their vehicle. Officers quickly found them and exchanged fire with the suspects in the 7500 Block of Hwy 160-491.

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Cortez Police Sgt. Michael Moran was 46 when he died in the line-of-duty Wednesday after a suspect shot him during a stop.

A second suspect was arrested after the shooting. No other officers have been reported to be injured.

The police did not immediately identify the suspects or provide any other details.

Moran was a U.S. Marine and served for nine years. He then joined the police department where he rose to the rank of K-9 handler. Moran and his K-9 partner Otto are pictured together above. Otto retired in 2020.

Moran was a Marine, serving nine years in the Marines, including two tours of duty in Iraq before joining Cortez Police Department.

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As a new police officer, Sgt. The Cortez Police Department reported that Moran rose rapidly through the ranks and became a K-9 handler by 2016. “He was proudest of his canine companion Otto, who served at his side until 2020.”

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Moran is survivor by his two daughters and family members. Moran’s dedication and humor will be remembered fondly by his colleagues, according to the police.

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