Alice Bianco was duped into signing the non-disclosure agreement by Trump attorney Alina Habba in 2021, according to a suit filed this week in New Jersey.

Former server at Donald Trump’s New Jersey Golf Club says that a Trump lawyer tricked her into signing a non-disclosure contract and settled a sexual misconduct claim against her supervisor with a “paltry amount”.

Alice Bianco, in a suit filed in New Jersey’s Middlesex Superior Court on Wednesday, claimed that attorney Alina habba had acted unethically when she portrayed herself as a “neutral” and friend after learning Bianco claimed her boss harassed her at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster. Habba started representing Trump publically soon after the NDA agreement was signed in August of 2021.

Habba denied Thursday the allegations made against her in the suit, first reported by Politicalo.

She said, “I have always acted ethically in all circumstances and I did not act differently in this case.”

Bianco stated in a written statement, through her attorney: “I did not know my rights. I didn’t realize Alina was not supposed to talk about a case without my lawyer. I did not know that New Jersey banned non-disclosure contracts for sexual harassment victims. “I knew that she threw me out the window as soon as I refused to speak up.”

A spokesperson from the Trump Organization didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry for comment on Thursday.

In her lawsuit against the Trump Club, Bianco claims that the problems she had with her supervisor started soon after she joined the club as a 21 year old in May 2021. She claimed that her supervisor used his position to harass and force her into having sexual relations with her. He then retaliated after she said she did not want to work with him.

Bianco claimed that she hired a lawyer after being contacted by Human Resources — and that Habba, who was a club member that Bianco served occasionally, reached out to Bianco and said, “I’d heard” about what was happening and wanted to “help her,” according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Habba first asked Bianco about her lawyer and then sent her an unfavorable post on the lawyer and told her that she could fire him. Habba said that when the relationship soured with the lawyer, she could protect Bianco.

Habba then told Bianco that she would be “protected”, if she accepted a settlement from the club in an amount not specified, and Habba assured her it would be tax free, according to the lawsuit. Habba stopped communicating with Bianco after she received her money. Habba represented Trump against Mary Trump a few weeks later.

According to the lawsuit, the settlement was not tax-free. The NDA that requires Bianco return the settlement amount and pay a fine of $1,000 per day for any violations is illegal according to New Jersey law. This has prohibited such agreements since 2019.

Bianco wants the settlement agreement and the NDA nullified. She wants Habba referred to state attorney ethics.

Nancy Erika Smith said that Bianco’s lawyer, Nancy Erika Smith stated in a press release that Habba “used the unethical silence of my client” for “propelling herself into Trump’s inner circle.” Her behavior was predatory. “Pretending to act on behalf of a party while pretending to be neutral is unethical.”

Habba is a member of Trump’s legal staff and represents him or his company at his civil fraud trial, which will be held in New York City, as well as in a case of defamation brought by the writer E. Jean Carroll is due to be tried in January.

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