House members are on the verge of a final judgment on the future of Rep. George Santos and many Republican colleagues are calling for him to go. Santos is the subject of a House Ethics investigation. He has said he will only leave if he is forced out. NBC News’ Ryan Nobles has more details.

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  • Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State and consequential diplomat, dies aged 100


  • The Electric Road in Detroit allows EVs to be wirelessly charged as they drive


  • NBC News investigates 19 deaths involving carbon monoxide poisoning in Airbnbs between 2013 and 2015.


  • Authorities say that the murder of Hollywood social activist Michael Latt, who was killed by a targeted assassination, was a target.


  • Elon Musk responds to criticism over X-post


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    Tomorrow, House Republicans will decide the fate of Rep. George Santos


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    Mothers of college student shot in Vermont speak about the incident


  • Israeli military: Cease-fire will continue at least until tomorrow


  • U.S. Air Force Osprey crashes off the southern coast of Japan, killing two people


  • Federal regulators propose new standards for infant loungers after deaths


  • Gas prices have dropped as U.S. production of oil has returned to record levels


  • Rescues dramatic on the Rio Grande amid a shift in migration patterns


  • Twelve more hostages are released in the cease-fire as it continues


  • Israeli forces raid refugee camp in West Bank


  • The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a family affair.


  • Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter honored at memorial service


  • Rescue of 41 Indian workers trapped in a tunnel for over 2 weeks


  • Cyberattacks affecting critical care in hospitals in three states


  • Brown University students heightened in tension after a classmate is shot in Vermont


  • Alex Murdaugh sentencesd to 27 Years for Financial Crimes


House members will soon make a decision on Rep. George Santos’ future, and many Republican co-workers are calling for his resignation. Santos has been the subject of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. He said that he would only leave the House if forced to. Ryan Nobles of NBC News has more information. 1, 2023

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