A San Francisco-area school district leader issued a warning Monday to teachers and staff planning to hold a pro-Palestinian “teach-in" this week

A superintendent of a school district in Northern California has warned teachers who plan to participate in a pro Palestinian “teach-in”, saying that the lesson plan does not match the district’s standards for teaching.

FOX San Francisco reported that Oakland Unified School district Superintendent Kyla Johnson Trammell released a statement about the issue without naming the organizers.

Johnson-Trammell stated that “we expect all educators to take their responsibility seriously to adhere to the principles of education and keep their personal views out of the classroom.”

She also warned them to exercise “caution and discernment” when deciding if a topic is appropriate for classroom study.


This material is intended to be used by teachers at a teach-in in Oakland, Calif.

The “teach in” is a pro Palestinian curriculum which asks children of elementary school age to draw their idea of what a Zionist leader would look like, and define a massacre.

Fox News Digital reached out to the School District.

Last week, a YouTube video with curriculum circulated regarding a Wednesday teach-in that would be held for all students during the day.

In the video, Jacob Fowler from Lincoln Elementary School, identified by the network, invites educators to use Palestine curriculum.

In the video, he says: “You’re fortunate to be able to help shape the next generations.”

He said that the event was a demonstration of “labor force.” He said that participants will be engaging in “a form of resistance,” because Palestine is not taught anymore as part of the “ethnic-state standards.”

Some curriculums ask students to draw pictures of Zionist leaders, and other materials use propaganda graphics from WWII. For example, a British colonizer holding octopus-like arms grabs all the land to give it to Israel.

According to the report, the materials also suggest that Israel is responsible of massacres and Zionists colonize oppressors. These are terms that both the Anti-Defamation League and other Jews consider antisemitic.


On one sheet, students are asked to draw the Zionist Leaders in Israel.

“During World War II many Jews were murdered and mistreated. The world wished to ensure that this never happened again. “Unfortunately, the Zionists abused it to justify killing and displacing Palestinians”, as one document describes the Holocaust.

The third- to fifth-grade worksheets do not mention the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on Oct. 7. One worksheet explained how Israelis warned 1.1 million Palestinians that they would be bombed if they didn’t move.

The material does not mention , that Israel repeatedly warned Palestinians living in northern Gaza to migrate south during its airstrike campaigns and that Israel Defense Forces has been targeting Hamas terrorists as well as tunnels.

Zahra Biloo, executive Director for the Council of American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area told KTVU-TV that teaching history and current affairs should not be controversial. Teachers are responding to reality and doing what is best for students.

Since the beginning of the war between Israel & Hamas, education officials have been criticized for the actions of both students and teachers. Many students and educators have participated or organized pro-Palestinian demonstrations, as well as made antisemitic comments.

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Josh Diamant is a Jewish music teacher and an educator at Lincoln Elementary School. He said that the lesson plans used for the teach-in were inaccurate.

He told the station that it misrepresented what Zionism is. It reduces an incredibly complex conflict into simplistic slogans.

He added, “It puts me in a position to correct the record.” “I am not an expert in the Middle East. I am a music instructor.”

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