Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick suggests the team's struggles are due to entitlement issues and players' lack of effort.

Fitzpatrick, a three-time All Pro safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was not happy with what he saw during the Steelers’ shocking loss to the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

New England had only two wins in its record and was unable to maintain consistency with their quarterback. The Steelers, who were considered the favorites to win, lost by a score of 21-18.

Earlier this season, Mike Tomlin, the long-time head coach of the team, decided to replace Matt Canada as offensive coordinator.

Mitch Trubisky took over for Kenny Pickett, who was injured on Thursday. However, the offensive woes have continued.

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Pittsburgh Steelers safety Minkah fitzpatrick warms-up before a match against the New England Patriots in Pittsburgh on Dec 7, 2023. (Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sport)

In the first half, Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe scored three touchdowns.

Steelers playoff hopes are in serious trouble after two consecutive losses. They face the Indianapolis Colts on Dec. 16th.

Steelers’ George Picken faces criticism after frustrations boil over during the Patriots’ upset loss

Fitzpatrick said that some of his teammates weren’t interested in doing the hard work required for a successful campaign.

“To see the fruit you have to work for it.” Fitzpatrick stated after the defeat that he thought too many people didn’t want it. “They want to come out and walk around and believe that they’re going to make plays and perform at a high-level,” Fitzpatrick said after the loss.

I think that we need more people to want to work hard and not expect anything to be given to them, because this is NFL and nothing comes to you. You have to earn it all.”

Minkah fitzpatrick, a Pittsburgh Steelers player, celebrates an interception in the third quarter of a game against the Las Vegas Raiders on December 24, 2022 at Acrisure Stadium. (Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Fitzpatrick had missed several games this season because of a hamstring problem. He returned for the loss last week to the Arizona Cardinals. Fitzpatrick returned to the field for a short time. In the Week 13 match, he broke his hand.

Fitzpatrick stated, “I believe that guys just think they can win games because they wear the black and gold.” “I think that we need to check this mentality and make the people realize that they have to earn that mentality. They must earn every blade of grass, every splash play, and every rep that they receive. They have to earn it.

Minkah fitzpatrick, a Pittsburgh Steelers player, runs onto the field at Acrisure Stadium before a match against the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 29, 2023 in Pittsburgh.

Fitzpatrick didn’t name names but wide receiver George Pickens was criticized for his visibly frustrated behavior during the game on Thursday.

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Pickens’ performance on Thursday was not his best. He finished with just 19 yards of receiving. Tomlin appeared scolded Pickens after he showed a lackluster effort in a running play.

Kirk Herbstreit , the broadcaster of “Thursday Night Football”, suggested that Pickens’ teammates wouldn’t be pleased with his lackadaisical attitude on a play where he knew the ball was not going to him.

Herbstreit stated, “He is kind of taking off the play.” It sends me a message, and it also sends a signal to your team. When it comes to blocking and effort, I pay attention to receivers.

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