Jamaal Bowman deserves more than a House censure for his moronic attempt to thwart republican government. The post Lock Him Up appeared first on The American Conservative.

Dr. Jamaal Bowman is in trouble.

Ed.D. the representative of New York’s 16th congressional district was censured on Capitol Hill by his colleagues for pulling a smoke alarm in an attempt to delay a vote on a temporary spending bill. Three Democrats — Chris Pappas from New Hampshire, Jahana Hayes of Connecticut and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez from Washington — joined Republicans in voting to censure the representative. Five members, among them Andy Harris of Maryland, voted “present.”


Congress’ condemnation comes after an earlier warning for the much-discussed incident involving a false fire alarm. Bowman, who was convicted in October of raising a false fire alarm and pleaded guilty to the charge, received a maximum $1,000 fine. Bowman, along with his supporters (including fellow “Squad members Ayanna pressley and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez), claimed that the proceedings against New Yorker was a witch-hunt and a right-wing conspiracy aimed at harassing a political rival by abusing the legal process.

The New York Times also took a similar stance, calling the censure “the latest partisan abuse of an action that was once rare and reserved for serious offenses.” But this spin is difficult to maintain because Bowman’s explanation is implausible.

Bowman’s original story has not changed, even after a guilty plea, a fine and a censure. Bowman was running late and rushed from the Cannon House Office Building up to the Capitol, hoping to make it in time for a spending vote. The door he uses to enter the Capitol was unexpectedly locked. He thought that by pulling the alarm, the door would be unlocked. Maybe he had read the sign telling him to “push” for 15 seconds before the door opened. He did not mean to trigger the alarm, nor to delay the voting. In fact, he rushed to the vote as quickly as possible, and made an idiotic mistake.

There are security cameras everywhere in the U.S. Capitol Complex. The footage shows Bowman walking up to the doors, removing two signs, and then flipping the alarm. He then walks away in the opposite direction. He doesn’t seem particularly frantic. After pulling the alarm, he does not turn around and look at the doors again. This clearly disproves the claim that he was hoping they would become unlocked.

Bowman’s version, even if it is not supported by the security footage, would still suggest that he is too stupid to serve as a Congressman. When the bar is that low, it’s almost a marvel to be able to crawl under it. Jamaal bowman is a doctorate-holder (sort of) who spent 10 years as a principal in middle schools before running for Congress. Did he not know that he would be causing a fire when he pushed the lever on the large red box with the giant capital “FIRE” letters? How could we, given the evidence in front of us, possibly believe or support the official narrative?

False fire alarms were the tool. But that’s not the main issue. Bowman’s minor charge was corrupt. It is a treatment only given to useful idiots on the Democratic Left. Bowman’s real crime, and the one for which he should be charged, was obstructing a congressional official proceeding. It is a federal offense that carries a maximum five-year sentence.

Why should a member the ruling class, who was caught on camera committing a crime to undermine the republican government’s conduct, be exonerated of a real crime? Why should Jamaal bowman get off with just a symbolic statement and a fine of $1,000 when countless Americans still languish in D.C. prisons for the crime aggravated tourist? His actions are only different from theirs in that it was committed while he was seated in Congress and that there were no apparent reasons for his action.

The double standard itself is not the main issue. It is the political authority that is at stake here, not the truth. There is a video and a logical interpretation of what it shows. The Democrats insist on accepting an absurd alternative that is beyond belief. They have effectively claimed that they can rewrite the reality, a power that is central to their political philosophy. As long as Jamaal bowman is free, we concede this claim.

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