Kanye West had a breakdown shortly before he rapped “Closed Sunday, You My Chick-fil A.” . Chick-fil A’s Sunday closing policy is also being cancelled.

The bill itself states that the purpose is to “ensure that New York State’s transportation facilities offer a reliable source of food services.” bills state that the goal is to ensure that New York State transportation facilities provide a reliable food service.


This has obvious and serious problems. The government cannot view Chick-fil-A sandwiches as a service or right that it is required to provide. The sandwiches are being sold on a free market. Chick-fil A is free, to sell their food in any way it chooses. Their customers are also free, to patronize or not patronize the stores. New York’s legislature does not have the authority to dictate how Chick-fil-A conducts business, no matter how much their members may crave chicken sandwiches during their Sunday commutes.

Second, it addresses a non problem that no one cares to address. Simone, along with other state representatives, are trying to help Sunday travelers who lack options for junk food. Chick-fil A’s reputation is being tarnished and may even be hurt.

The First Amendment also guarantees the “free exercise” of religious beliefs. A Christian organization cannot be forced to remain open on a Sunday. Similarly, a Jewish group cannot be made to serve pork or a Muslim group to display Pride flags during June. This is true even if an organization is a government contractor. The Supreme Court’s decision in Carson v. United States last year confirms this. Makin confirms that governments cannot discriminate against any religious practice under the pretext of separating state and church.

One has to ask, in light of all these problems, why politicians even bother putting forward the bill, when it is not constitutional and doesn’t benefit anyone. Was the purpose of this bill to troll and distract conservatives from their bigger problems?

This is not a fanciful threat. Sen. Lindsay Graham, a South Carolina senator, has posted on X that “This is War.” He is known to support pointless wars. Graham has already started drafting a bill that will “withhold federal funds from any state or city that requires @ChickfilA stay open on Sunday.”


In response to a stupid Democratic bill, which will almost definitely be amended or overturned by the courts, Republicans will draft another stupid law that will most likely not pass. While Americans of all political stripes continue to hate their legislators as worthless idiots.

It would be funny if the cost wasn’t so high. It costs a lot to fund the vast array of DEI sinecures or host hearings in Congress on college presidents. The government wastes billions of dollars on frivolous nonsense.

Trolling is a serious threat to the constitutional order of the country. What happens when you can remove candidates from the race, force people to violate their religion, censor dissident speeches, prevent the execution of laws or satisfy tyrannical urges? What happens when people respond by force? For example, staging a real coup d’etat or killing vilified public officials. What happens when people really respond with force, staging an actual coup d’etat (not a a href=”https://thefederalist.com/2023/09/29/its-looking-ever more likely that-jan-6 was… ” rel=”noreferrer noopener” target=”_blank”>fake one/a>) or attempting to assassinate vilified public figures?

Before long, Americans of both the right and left understood what was at risk when politicians and media outlets abused their power. It was never acceptable for anyone to break rules, whether it was because they were trying to help their neighbors or defend their freedom. The rules are no longer respected by any judge, district prosecutor, or state representative who wants to punish an opponent. And it’s true, the political polarization is continuing to worsen. Both progressive as well as conservative analysts predict that a nation-wide implosion will occur in the near future.

This is something that voters should consider when they go to the polls in this year. It may be their last chance to make a decision, depending on the outcome.

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