16-year-old girl fatally stabbed outside Washington, D.C., McDonald’s in dispute over sauce

A dispute over sauce outside a Washington, D.C., McDonald's escalated into the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old, police said.

A dispute over sauce outside a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s escalated into the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old, police said.

Naima Liggon.Family photo / via WRC

Naima Liggon, of Waldorf, Maryland, died in the early Sunday violence, Metropolitan Police in the nation’s capital said in a news release.

Police said the stabbing unfolded outside a McDonald’s in the 1900 block of 14th Street, Northwest.

Liggon was transported to a hospital in a private vehicle, police said. Officers responded to the hospital just after 2 a.m. on a report of a teen girl with stab wounds, and despite life-saving efforts, she died.

Later Sunday, police said a 16-year-old girl, also of Waldorf, was arrested, and found in possession of a knife.

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She has been charged with second-degree murder while armed, assault with intent to kill, aggravated assault, felony assault and carrying a dangerous weapon, NBC Washington reported.

The teen appeared at a hearing Monday in D.C. Superior Court and Detective Brendan Jasper testified that Liggon was stabbed in an argument over “sweet-and-sour sauce” among three girls outside the McDonald’s just after 2 a.m., The Washington Post reported. 

Liggon and another girl began hitting the 16-year-old suspect and as they tried to get into the vehicle, the suspect teen “lunged” at Liggon with a 7 1/2-inch pocketknife, hitting her in the chest and abdomen, he testified. 

The teen charged pleaded not involved, which is the juvenile equivalent of not guilty, The Post reported. Her attorney argued she acted in self-defense in the dispute started by the others, as prosecutors argued she was the only person who brought a knife to a fistfight.

“At the end of the day, someone is dead over a dispute over sauce,” D.C. Superior Court Judge Sherri Beatty-Arthur said, according to the outlet.

Liggon was a student at Thomas Stone High School in Waldorf.

A curfew for youth in certain areas of Washington, D.C., will start Friday in a city effort to buckle down on violent juvenile crime. Under the curfew, children 16 and younger must be off the streets from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekdays and midnight to 6 a.m. on weekends. The curfew plans were in place before the stabbing.

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