On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden gave the dumbest, most pathetic, lie-filled State of the Union speeches ever because he is the biggest ignoramus to occupy the Oval Office. Biden and the liberal Marxists behind him think law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens are the problem. It is the trick of the American Marxist to steal our liberty and our money and shift blame when inflation goes up and the people suffer. Also, Biden does not support Israel and only provides them with enough support to keep up appearances. Before he would say things publicly and stab Israel in the back, but now Biden is stabbing them in the front by supporting the river-to-the-sea crowd. He has provided more money to Iran than he has to Ukraine, and Iran is funding the terror attacks in Israel and the Middle East. The media today are like the media of the 1930s and 1940s during the rise of Hitler, and none of the cable networks or newspapers mention the heightened anti-Semitism in America today. Later, Mark is joined by Kari Lake to discuss her race for the U.S. Senate seat in Arizona and the fight for the survival of Arizona and America against radicals and progressives destroying our country.

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The Biden Apologists Are Lying


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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America.  Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811.  Folks, a Life, Liberty and Levin 8 p.m. tomorrow night and 8 p.m. Sunday.  Two really special shows that will go to the Cable News Hall of Fame. Not because of me. Because of the discussion on Saturday night. We’re going to have Ben Domenech and Stephen Miller on Sunday night. We’re going to have Victor Davis Hanson followed by Newt Gingrich. It is really a thorough, deep dive on Biden, his speech and the issues. You’re not going to want to miss this, folks. I’m very, very proud of what we’ve accomplished here in these two shows in particular. So if you’re not sure, you’re going to be around, that’s why we have DVR. You can go ahead and set it smart TVs right now so you don’t forget that was the dumbest, most exhausting. Most pathetic. Lie filled, preposterous speech. By the biggest ignoramus to ever be in the Oval Office. The people. Who are dancing around him. The people who are marching behind him with their heels clicking. The people with the dark shirts in the media. I think they’re brown, most of them. They are a sickening group of clapping CEOs. They support Hamas. They hate you. They think what’s going on in the border is fine. They think what’s going on in our streets is fine. They think the problem is you, we, the American people. That’s what they think. Law abiding. Taxpaying, hardworking American people. You are the problem. The people who make the country work, not the people on the dole, the people that make the country work, not the people sitting in their fat asses at CNN and MSNBC, The New York Times and all the rest of the reprobates who literally do nothing and contribute nothing to the country. Every now and then, though even immediate outlets like the Constipated News Network has to say something. So it’s kind of 90, ten, 90% cheerleader, 90% mouthpiece, 90% propagandists. The Praetorian Guard media. And 10% every now and then will throw him a crumb of a fact. That way we can say, look, we made a critical point. Joe Biden is running around the country, even as I speak to Pennsylvania, taking credit for a reduction of over $1,000,000,000,000 in spending. Over $1,000,000,000,000. He has slashed the deficit. Does that make any sense to anybody? Well, even CNN is corrupt and pathetic, as that corporation has had to say. Wait a minute, we got to call them out. This is part of our 10%. They said President Biden falsely said. Falsely said. And this is back. When is it? March of 2023. Full year ago. That is new. Corporate minimum tax is the reason the federal budget deficit declined in 2021 and 2022. In reality, that tax didn’t even come into effect until the beginning of 2023. But he still says it. It doesn’t matter. He still says it like he went to see Nelson Mandela and they put him in prison. Never happened, ever. Biden has repeatedly taking credit for reducing the deficit in 2021 and 2022, even though experts have said that the vast majority of this reduction occurred simply because the emergency COVID 19 pandemic spending from 2020 expired as planned. He did nothing. And that Biden’s own initiatives made the deficits higher than they otherwise would have been. Now everybody knows this. Everybody. And yet still he repeats it. They said. We’ve described Biden’s previous deficit post as misleading or missing key context, but he went further. And this is a year ago in a speech in Las Vegas on lowering prescription drug costs, delivering a version of the story that just isn’t true. In other words, a lie. Biden said. And by the way, you know, everybody said, well, how was I able to have these new programs and still cut the deficit 1.7 trillion in the last two years? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. There were 550 companies in the Fortune 500. They made $40 billion. They didn’t pay a penny in tax zero, nothing in taxes. So he said, you know, that’s outrageous. And we got votes for it. And I said, they ought to pay a minimum of 15%. That’s less than you all pay. Guess what? It allowed me to cut the deficit. He did the same thing last night. Now the facts. Maya macGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a group that advocates deficit reduction, noted corporations won’t start paying that minimum tax until this year. This was last year. She said the fact that Biden continues to take credit for the deficit dropping between 2021 and 2022, which happened entirely through the expiration of temporary COVID measures, is cause for concern. Guys are friggin liar all the time. Biden also got a key number wrong in this section of the Las Vegas speech. As he has correctly said on numerous on numerous occasions, it was 55 big companies, not 550. They didn’t pay any federal income tax in their previous fiscal year. Yes. 55. Can I tell you a secret, American? It’s impossible for a major corporation not to pay taxes. What? Let me repeat that for the slow thinkers. It’s impossible for a major corporation not to pay federal taxes. Now, what do I mean by that? When you purchase something. You purchase it from a business, a company, a corporation, for example. So they have to hire people. They have the hard people to produce things. They have to hire people that handle shipping and transportation. They have to hire people to take care of every aspect. But the production and the provision of that product. The money goes through the corporation to the employee. The corporation is, in essence, a pass through. Good corporate decisions expand the company. Bad corporate decisions. Destroy the company. But a corporation is a legal entity. The money passes through the corporation. Goes to the employees and other investments and what have you. But significant parts of it go to the employees. You know, when people strike, they strike for they and that money is used to pay their salaries, to pay their pensions, to pay their medical care, to pay all kinds of things. So obviously the corporation is paying taxes. Because the people who are getting paid are using that money to pay their own taxes. I’m so sick of this lie that’s been going on since I could read as a little kid. Oh, that corporation didn’t pay any taxes. Well, maybe on its own tax return, 55 of them out of thousands of them, by the way. Maybe 55 of them as an entity didn’t pay taxes. But the idea that corporations that pay their employees who do pay taxes, payroll taxes. Obamacare taxes. All kinds of taxes, local taxes, state taxes, federal income taxes. That money comes from the corporation. It’s paid to the employees who in turn pay the taxes. And so for the Marxist propagandists in the Democrat Party, for the Bernie Sanders Marxists and Reds, which Biden is now one. They will use this class warfare Marxist propaganda. To cover up the debts, the ubiquitous spending. What they’re doing to our children and grandchildren in future years. The massive bureaucracy, police state, if you will, that they’ve built that’s going to have 87,000 more members at the IRS. They do this to distract you. They do this to anger you. They do this to turn one American against another. There’s not an entity in the United States. That hires employees. That doesn’t pay income taxes. Certainly indirectly through their employees, because the employees don’t pay taxes unless they get paid by the business. There’s no taxes to pay because there’s no income. So I am sick and tired of an economical rate. Who is a a creature of Washington and has been for half a century and who’s never had a private sector job, never developed anything, never created anything, never had a payroll, never had anything telling us what everybody else is supposed to do. And the irony. Then he says they didn’t pay one penny in taxes. When Hunter Biden has been indicted for not paying federal taxes. And I might add, Joe and Joe Biden set up to ask corporations. To run through their speech money and their book money. So they wouldn’t have to pay Obamacare taxes and they wouldn’t have to pay other kinds of taxes that you have to pay if you don’t set up as corporation. So there is a man standing up there last night lying about the debt, lying about the deficit, lying about who does and doesn’t pay taxes when his own family’s filled with tax cheats, setting up as corporation tax to get around the paying of taxes. His son. Just flat out not paying taxes for what she’s been indicted. And this jerk. They’re small minded nincompoop. He’s going to lecture all the rest of us. Now we need much higher taxes. What happens at a common sense? When you increased the, quote unquote, corporate income tax. Which he wants to increase by 80%. That’s the increase he’s proposing. Not that they pay 80%, but an increase of 80%. What happens in America? People lose their jobs. The price of goods go up. The economy slows. But the government gets fatter. Bigger, more powerful. The police state grows because it’s like the mob. It is demanding more on the dollar. Because they can pass a law and say. Theft. Confiscatory taxes. That’s now righteous. That’s not good economic policy. That’s not pro-American. That’s not looking out for the little guy. No, it’s none of those things. It’s the trick of the American Marxist, the steal your liberty, steal your money. To create these precarious economic conditions. And then they continue to blame others and not themselves. As the economy gets further and further and further out of control, costs go up and up and up and inflation goes up and up and up. And we the people suffer. I’ve got a lot more to say. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
Let’s go through some more of this. Joe Biden, of course, talks about abortion. Joe Biden in his party and some other people are obsessed with killing babies in the womb. And no matter how many. How many babies that’s done to. It’s never enough. You listen to this program, you know that to be true. They’ve been more abortions since the Dobbs decision than before the Dobbs decision. There’s a woman in the gallery, as you saw. He pointed to her. And I certainly am not going to, in any respect, be disrespectful to her. But he was and he exploited her situation and exploited it because they believe this is an issue that helps them win votes. And no doubt it does, because the amount of lying that goes on is really unprecedented. And so nobody in the media, not one person, even friendly media, not one, had made the point that I made, not one. And so what is the position of the Democrat Party? The position is there’s never enough abortions. I’ve already talked about this in anticipation to what they would do. And was done. At the state of confusion speak. By the way, we noticed. Mr. Prados Everybody’s using that phrase now. We’re such shredders here anyway. And the issue wasn’t that she didn’t get an abortion, couldn’t afford abortion. The issue was she had to leave Texas and go to another state. As so many of us have to leave our states to go to another state for all kinds of medical procedures, tests. And a host of other things in our lives. I’m not really. Understanding this massive barrier to getting an abortion. If that barrier is my state doesn’t allow me to have this procedure. Under these circumstances, given this timeframe or whatever. But the state next door, two states overdue. I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. Oh, I understand that it will be used as a you know, as a hammer to hammer anybody that even raises the question. But it’s really quite bizarre if you think about it. It’s a very significant procedure. And if you want the procedure, it’s certainly available to you. You may have to travel outside the state, but most people don’t live within their towns and never travel without a state outside of state anyway.

Segment 3
I think you’re going to be intrigued, informed and fascinated about these opening statements over the weekend. I just do things a little differently than the usual folks. And that’s okay. They have their thing and I’ve got mine. Among other things, Mr. Producer, I decided right there to write a one sentence executive order. Hi Joe Biden, President The United States hereby rescind all of my executive orders. All 94. That I issued. To open the border and to allow illegal immigrants enter the country. Signed Joe Biden. That’s all he has to do. There. I wrote the executive order, Mr. Producer. President has the power to do that. It is in any legislation. It’s called the Constitution. We have the power to issue an executive order to create chaos here, with the power to issue an executive order to stop the chaos that you’ve created. And in this bipartisan phoniness, where three Republican senators support a bill that nobody else does. That’s not really bipartisan. When it came to the border. What proposals did you hear? None. What’s he going to do about it? Nothing. Nothing about the slavery taking place on his watch. The rape of women selling women into slavery. Sex slavery. Not a word. They don’t have a problem with that on msnbc, mika and Joe. Nothing. Nicolle Wallace That’s okay. Not a big deal. Joy Reid must be white supremacists, but she doesn’t say a damn thing out of her big mouth. The Clown show that’s called The View. It’s the view from Biden’s ass. That’s where that view is. And they don’t say a word about modern day slavery under the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. Mostly people of color. Not a word where the 85,000 unaccompanied minors Department of HHS lost track of them, according to an inspector general, that HHS. They can’t find them. They don’t know where they are. I’ll tell you where they are. They’re labor slaves. They’re sex slaves. They’re in pornography for all these perverts. What about that at The View? Nothing. Got a damn word? 85,000 children missing. Joke. What’s the problem? That’s a little bit of despotism when we hear the pursuit. A Democrat Party paradise. Open border. Hundred and 15,000 Americans have died from fentanyl. The communist Chinese provide the materials. Provide the pill machines, Peter Schweitzer told us, by the way. Number one on the New York Times best seller list. I want to congratulate them. Oh, I see. I see. Nothing. It’s Trump’s fault. It’s the Republicans fault. Well, Trump and the Republicans and I and most of you, we don’t believe in phony legislation that pretends to do something to help Joe Biden win reelection and Democrats win re-election when the inhumanity. And the sadism. And our hearts are still going to go on in the south, our southern border. And be enshrined as a result of that bill. But Joe Biden lies about everything, whether it’s the debt. Whether it’s the price of pharmaceuticals. Whether it’s abortion. Why didn’t Joe Biden get up there and say last night? I want to congratulate. The gynecologists, the abortion doctors. I want to congratulate my party. We are conducting more abortions. Now almost a million well beyond what we used to do after the Dobbs decision. Why doesn’t he say that? Because he’s pathological. He’s a he’s a head case. And I love the way he he’s concerned about racism, the way we talk about migrant migrants. When he’s the biggest slaver, as the left calls slaveholders, he’s the biggest slaver in American history. You wear this. His policies have create more slavery. Since the end of the Civil War than we’ve ever had in this country, as I say, subsequent to the Civil War. They’re his policies. He’s a slaver. And the guy’s got ice water in his veins. He’s got no compassion whatsoever. Every time it’s somebody else’s heart, somebody else’s death. He talks about his family. I got it. We’ve all suffered through this stuff in different ways. We do. But when you’re talking about somebody else’s suffering, somebody else’s child. You focus on them and that you don’t keep talking about yourself. Joe Biden, the great small d Democrat. The great small, big Democrat, the only president in my lifetime to defy not one Supreme Court ruling, but two. And not all of a matter of moral principle, not over a matter of civil rights or the matter of pure politics. He wants to get $1,000,000,000,000 into the hands of individuals who took out loans. I didn’t co-sign. Did you co-sign Mr. Martin’s. Who took out loans at very low interest rates. That we’re already subsidizing and don’t want to pay them back. A third of the people in this country go to a four year college. Two thirds do not. These elitists hate the two thirds they get in the media. They hate the two thirds, the Democrat Party hates the two thirds we exist to vote for, to fund and protect the ruling class and their elitists. That’s it in a nutshell. So Joe Biden goes around. It’s pretty bad. Hey, Joe, you don’t have the power to do this. This is a core function of Congress, specifically the House. The spending clause, the taxing clause. You can’t do those things, Joe. Court tells him he can and he says, Watch me. He brags about it openly. They said I could. He did it last night. Say I couldn’t do it. He’s looking down at Supreme Court justices and attacking them. I’ve never seen that in my life. It’s never happened before. This lowlife looking down at people who have. Many of whom I don’t care for but have real brain power. This guy who has no brain, he senior, he’s attacking the court. They must have been stunned. Have you ever seen that before? I think I saw once before. I think it was Obama, actually. So there you have that. Two times. He defies the Supreme Court. He’s violating our immigration laws every single damn day. Even though the Constitution says he must take care, quote unquote, the take care clause. That the laws are executed, whether he likes them or not. But he doesn’t care. Mr. Democracy doesn’t care. Censorship. Disinformation committees. Threatening parents to the Department of Justice, monitoring Catholic churches, sending out SWAT teams to get pro-lifers. And every day Americans to federal court stunned by the level of censorship coordination with with woke major corporations, two different federal courts. Mr. Democracy. He wants Congress to pass. He calls a voting rights bill tied to voting rights bill. It’s a bill that says effectively the Democrat Party can never lose. Everything in that bill is intended to ensure that the Democrat Party never loses a one party country for a one party agenda. That’s what they’re pushing for. That’s the bill, the so-called union bill, the labor bill he wants people to sign, he said. You need to get that so we can create jobs. It eliminates independent contractors. Eliminates them. Democracy. Mr. Democracy! Mr. Freedom. Mr. Democracy. Mr. Freedom. Mr. Saviour. Who’s going to protect minorities? Charles Barkley. In black guys, you’re going to vote for Trump. I’m going to punch you in the face. I’m not kidding. I’m going to punch you in the face. Genius. Absolute genius. Mr. Basketball Brain. You still like the guy when he makes stupid ass comments like that? What’s the like? That’s like a model. They’re a thug. A punch in the face. I’d go to hell. Now that said, maybe Charles Barkley. Needs to be a little bit more literate about the background of Joe Biden. It’s Joe Biden. Who befriended Stennis and Eastland and Talmadge and Byrd for segregationist racists. Who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act to filibuster the 1965 Voting Rights Act. These were the leaders. Of the Jim Crow era. The leaders. They didn’t believe. There are schools should be integrated, and neither did Joe Biden. Well, Mark, that’s because he opposed busing. He didn’t just oppose busing. He slobbered all over these men. They became friends. They exchanged letters. An intrepid reporter some time ago found some of those letters between Eastland and Biden. Biden thanking Eastland over and over again. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee for pushing his legislation. It’s Biden. Throughout this so-called 1994 crime bill. You had black civil rights leaders going to him saying this bill is racist. You’re focusing on crack, not cocaine. Our people, the problem is crack. They’re caught on crack. Biden says, Oh, well. The passes and they were right. The impact on the black community was far beyond the impact on any other community because of the nature of the bill. He apologized for it. And 2020, 2021, he decided you want to run for president again. But the damage was done. This is Joe Biden. Every year. George Wallace. Well. George Wallace gave him an award. He like Joe? Why? Because Joe like him. And when he was campaigning in 1987, that’s not that long ago. You look at the scope of history in the Republican primaries. Excuse me. In the Democrat primaries, anyone is campaigning in Alabama and other parts of the South. He would brag about his relationship with George Wallace. And George Washington gave me excuse me. George Wallace gave me an award. George Wallace gave me this. When Byrd died, he called him his mentor. He’s made many racist statements since and done a damn thing for the black community all his time in Washington, D.C.. Half a damn century. Tell me three things that he did. And he goes into the black community, as I said yesterday, only when he wants pictures and votes and he barely goes there then. Today, there’s one man standing and one party standing in the schoolhouse doorway to prevent little kids of all races, but especially minorities and particularly blacks from going to neighborhood schools are slightly outside neighborhood schools that are actually functioning better, actually teaching kids that aren’t crime ridden. And there’s only one man and his party standing at the door and saying, No, dammit, that’s your zip code, that’s your school, that’s where you’re going to go. No competition, no opportunity. I don’t give a damn about these kids in their family because I am a sellout to the teachers unions, to the teacher union bosses. There he was last night. More money for teachers. He doesn’t mean that. More money for his union buddies. More money for students to vote for him, more money for federal bureaucrats to ensure that they vote for him. This guy is a pig. That’s what he is. Don’t tell me. I have to show him respect when he shows. None of us respect. And then, of course, Mr. Democracy. Mr. Saviour. The Great White Savior, Joe Biden. The Asian-American community. Harvard, North Carolina. Many schools around this country. They were specifically. Targeting. Asian. Students who sought admission to their schools. Blacklisting them because of their ethnicity, eliminating merit. A group of students sue to the colleges, including Harvard. Joe Biden directs his attorney general. Meritless Garland to go to the Supreme Court and try and kill the case. The court says no. Then he takes the side of Harvard and North Carolina. He takes the side of the racist segregationists in these elitist schools. And the Supreme Court says, you know, separate but equal is an equal. We learn that Brown versus Board of Education. 58 years before that, Plessy just said it took 58 years to reverse what the Democrats did. And Joe Biden still on the wrong side. And you know what he said afterwards? There’s something wrong with this court. It’s not normal. It’s not right. And then, of course, he destroys women’s sports. Destroys them. Women. Blacks. Asians. Hispanics. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
All right. Why did you whisper in my ear, Mr. Producer? Oh, yes. I’ll be right back.

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