House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik penned a letter to her alma mater Harvard — blasting the once-great Ivy League institution for protecting antisemitism and siding with “those who hate Jewish students.”

The letter was addressed to Dr. Alan Garber, interim president of Harvard University, and Penny Pritzker, senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation. In her letter, Stefanik referenced Harvard’s Palestine Solidarity Committee and a staged “die-in” at Harvard Business School.

“During this event, an Israeli Harvard Business School student recorded the act and was quickly surrounded by a mob of anti-Israel protesters, who assaulted and harassed him,” Stefanik wrote. “These assailants blocked his path, repeatedly grabbed him, and shouted ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ at him. This assault is well documented and was denounced by many alumni who were rightly outraged by the actions of these protesters and called for accountability.”

Footage of the incident below:

“Further information shows that local prosecutors are currently in the process of negotiating court dates with two of the Harvard students who assaulted the victim. On March 25, Holtzman Vogel learned that the ‘Clerk’s Hearing’ in the criminal case has been postponed to May 7,” Stefanik wrote. “One of the assailants in the incident, a Harvard Divinity School graduate student, is scheduled to graduate in May 2024. Due to this postponement, the assailant will gain the lifelong distinction of being an alumnus of Harvard despite having committed a well-documented antisemitic hate crime against a fellow student.”

“Justice for this incident should have been served quickly, and the delay of justice that specifically allows an antisemitic student to graduate is an affront to accountability and demonstrates the cultural rot of Harvard University’s leadership that has allowed antisemitism to continue,” Stefanik wrote.

“This recent case of Harvard protecting those who hate Jews is disgusting. As an alumna of Harvard University, allowing this student to gain the title of Harvard graduate disgraces all who have come before him and erodes the distinction of a once sought-after degree. At a time when support and applications for Harvard have fallen, university leadership has continuously chosen to side with those who hate Jewish students and faculty and failed to keep them safe.”

More over at The Daily Wire:

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