During an appearance on Fox News Sunday Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) criticized President Biden for his spineless approach to Iran amid drone attacks against Israel over the weekend.

Many suggest Biden’s foreign policy has weakened America’s standing around the world and emboldened terrorist regimes and bad actors.

Kennedy spoke with Fox News host Shannon Bream.

“The big issue will be Israel because it is clear that President Biden is being influenced by the Hamas wing of the Democratic Party,” Kennedy said.

“In the past 60 days, we have seen President Biden go wobbly in his support of Israel. With respect, go to Amazon and buy a spine online. Peace through weakness never works, not with these hard, armed men…”

“The American people may be poor under Biden, but they’re not stupid. We need to stand with Israel.”

“Israel’s not at war with Hamas or Hezbollah or Yemen,” the senator said. “Those are all surrogates for Iran, they’re prostitutes. The pimp is Iran. Israel is at war with Iran. Iran hates Americans. Iran hates Jews. Iran wants to kill Americans and Jews. And if we turn the other cheek to them, we’re going to get it in the neck.”

Watch the clip above.

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