On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark returns from Israel and explains the lunacy of President Biden’s Iran policy. Biden’s position in refusing to support Israel from taking offensive military action against Iran means that Biden will not support any military strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities and that Iran will have a functioning nuclear arsenal with which to threaten the United States, Israel, the Arab world, and the rest of the world without fear of military attack. The best time for Israel to hit Iran’s nuclear sites, with critical U.S. support, would’ve been over the weekend. Biden’s appeasement of Iran and intentional funding of Iran ensures that Islamist-fundamentalist Iran will become a nuclear power. The war that’s taking place is Israel v. Iran. Iran’s direct attack on Israel with over 300 missiles makes this crystal clear. Israel is David. Iran is Goliath. Having helped Iran (Goliath) against Israel (David) in unbelievable acts of duplicity and betrayal, the Biden regime is now threatening to abandon Israel if it retaliates against Iran to deter further offensive military attacks against its cities and towns. Israel will retaliate despite the Biden regime’s collusion with Iran for it has no choice and when it does it’ll be both righteous and prudential. Also, high crimes and misdemeanors have nothing to do with the criminal code, it refers to political crimes against the state.  Democrats declaring that the Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment was unconstitutional was another nail in the coffin of the Constitution. The impeachment clause says the House impeaches and the Senate tries the case.  There is no authority for the Senate not to hold a trial.  Sen Chuck Schumer himself decided that Article 1 and Article 2 were unconstitutional based and no grounds, based on no debate. Schumer just destroyed the impeachment clause. The Senate made mockery of the entire process and it was cheered by media.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the lunacy of Biden’s Iran policy.

Jerusalem Post
Iran says it gave warning before attacking Israel. US says that’s not true

William ‘Billy’ Mitchell — ‘The father of the United States Air Force’

John Kirby denies that Joe Biden has “unfrozen” Iranian funds.


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