On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden has yet to say a word about the antisemitic protests on college campuses, which is no surprise since he is funding the terrorists killing Jews and preventing Israel from defeating them. We have radicals dressed up as professors who have tenure, which allows them to promote antisemitism and terrorism while we pay for the entire thing. Protest groups like Students for Justice in Palestine are supported and backed by Hamas directly, along with George Soros and other Democrat organizations. This is a war on the United States from within, a coordinated fusion of Marxist and Islamist movements devouring the country. The Democrat party’s control of the courts and justice system in America is just like Putin’s control over the Russian courts – it’s all fake to go through the motions and get the outcome they want.

Further evidence that the Biden administration is in talks with Khamenei’s regime to offer even more billions of dollars in sanctions relief than they have already

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Netanyahu gives unequivocal statement Biden should have given on antisemitic mobs taking over college campuses

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Meadows, Giuliani and other former Trump aides indicted in Arizona 2020 election probe

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