21 July 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon blew it by setting the Trump documents trial months before the 2024 election.

Aileen Cannon, U.S. district judge, blew it on Friday’s Mark Levin Show by deciding to hold the Trump documents trial several months before the election in 2024. Democrats will do everything they can to stop Trump from running for office if he is convicted. The goal is to influence the election in order to re-elect Biden. It will tear the nation apart in a way that has never been seen before, except for the Civil War. The Department of Justice, under Merrick G. Garland, is paving the way for Biden. There was no need to hold the trial during an election. The election will be affected by every decision that Judge Cannon makes, now that the trial has been postponed until after the Republican primaries in May. We don’t know how many more charges Democrats will add to the 37 that were brought against Trump. All they need is one guilty verdict. The Democrat Party wants to control the country and will do anything to get it. They can target Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr., or a minimum-wage factory worker. Mark is later joined by Rick Renzi, a former congressman. They discuss Jack Smith’s abuses against the judicial system, his connection to James Comey, and how Jack Smith wiretapped him while he served as a member of Congress.


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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin is here. Our number is 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. Third hour of the show. The program will feature former Congressman Rick Renzi. We’re happy to welcome him. He asked us to do so. He was targeted. Jack Smith, when he was the head of Public Integrity Section. The criminal division of Justice Department. This congressman and former congressman has much to say on this. You’ve never heard him talk about this before. It’s important to us. Judge Cannon, and Florida are welcome to the show. Judge Cannon in Florida made a terrible mistake. She does not consider it a mistake but in many ways, her decision is going to have a domino affect. This nation is being unraveled by her. She needs to be in control of her courtroom, as I have said. The fact that Jack Smith and Merrick Garland were part of the Biden Administration. When they indicted President Trump, it triggered a series of events including the attempt to hold a full-scale trial during the Republican primary and before the general elections. It doesn’t mean that the judge should have agreed to this. She did. Smith wanted to begin the trial in December. She moved the trial to May. Breitbart’s friends have pointed out that May is our good friend. This date is May 20th. This will be after the majority of Republican presidential primaries. This will be largely concluded on March 12, and the Republican National Committee Convention in July is set to occur. It effectively disenfranchises Republican Voters because they cannot choose a different candidate if Trump is convicted. Nobody defends Donald Trump better than me. I find what has been done and is still being done against him to be absolutely horrific. If he is convicted, they will do everything they can to stop him under the 14th Amendment. Even beyond that. It will be difficult to convince enough moderate Democrats and independents to vote for you in the general elections. This is the goal. The goal is to interfere in this election and re-elect Joe Biden. This is what’s happening. The judge made a mistake. The judge blew the opportunity. AP reported that the trial date was seen as a compromise, between a request by prosecutors to schedule the trial this December and a demand from defense attorneys to schedule it following the election. It’s not. This will still happen during the elections. It will tear the country apart in a way that has never been seen before, except for during the Civil War. The United States. This has never been done before. Of course, Democrats aren’t bothered. All of them want the country to collapse. Breitbart reported that Trump’s aide, who should not have pleaded guilty to the numerous charges, had he not been adamant about his refusal to plead guilty. He was accused of conspiring to conceal national defense records and illegally keeping them after leaving office. Trump has, of course pleaded not guilty on 37 counts. This trial was not held during an election. None. This judge allowed the Department of Justice to operate under Merrick Garland. Supporting Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection. Take charge in a courtroom. Let’s now play out this scenario. Let’s do this together. 37 charges. One charge is enough. It only takes one. If he were to become the Republican candidate, he would only have one vote out of 37. This is why he kept on piling. The number of charges. You’ll be able to have a jury sitting there. Sarah, lets compromise. Let’s get on with this count. The problem is that this number only counts on one count. One count is sufficient. He can then appeal this process, of course. It will take some time. You would if he went to the U.S. Supreme Court. You’ll see the Republican nominee for president fighting for his liberty throughout the process. The presidential election. The story will end here. He cannot run for President of the United States. Not only will he lose, but also the Senate Republicans and the House Republicans. We all feel the same way. This empowers us to act. Take a look at your neighbors. Look around you. It is hard to convince them to vote. The entire focus will be on this. This is why the timing is as it is, and why there are charges for January 6. They will also drop the charges very quickly, so that they can bring the case to Washington, D.C., during the election. Judge Cannon made a horrendous error. Now she has dragged federal judiciary into election process. She will now interfere in elections with each decision she takes. She will interfere in the election with every decision she takes. You would think I’d just. It won’t get any easier. It will get harder. Every motion filed by Trump’s people will be harder. If it is not for the government, then media will sit there ready to attack her. This disastrous decision on this reasoning is just one more thing. Heather, I’d ask you how you could do that. There’s a secret investigation underway by the chief Washington, D.C. judge. It’s based on a complaint made by the attorney who represents the co-defendant of President Trump. He was extorted. Brett Brodie, the head of Counter Intelligence Litigation Section at the Department of Justice, was the one who extorted him. Because. The case will collapse if it is found that the lawyer was extorted. Why would this Florida judge not? Judge Cannon said. She could have waited until after the election if she wanted to. I can’t move forward with the case before me until this is resolved. But she didn’t. Do you know what Mr. Bratt did this week? He was in the Florida courtroom. Arguments about how to treat classified documents were unsuccessful. He was in the courtroom. He’s being investigated for extorting an attorney who represents a co-defendant. The Trump. And the extortion which is claimed. The accuser. Is it him? Tell the lawyer of the co-defendants that your client is willing to testify against Trump on behalf the state. You want to do something like that, it’s probably a better chance of getting the judgeship. So Judge Cannon has no problem with this man appearing in court. She’s okay with the decision she took, even though that issue hasn’t been resolved. She does not need emotional support from the defense. She knows. She knows him. It’s her own courtroom. She must protect the integrity in her courtroom. She’s done an awful job. We’ll have to wait and see. People, I am very, very worried. This judge is prone to being influenced. The media is the reason why they keep hammering on. This decision will have an effect. This decision will have an impact on the election. She should have done as the brilliant judge Downey in Louisiana. It’s written 150 200 page decision explaining. She cannot allow the government. The candidate running against the defendant will be guiding you. To determine. Date and course of trial. They filed. Because of their filing. She cannot permit the mere filing during the course of an election. She must decide that she will hold a trial in the middle of the elections. This would involve the judiciary in the process. All she said was that. She could have written the article beautifully, but would have been attacked with venom. She cuts the baby into two halves. When you cut a baby in half, it dies. Solomon knew this. Judge Canon does not. She made a critical decision the other day. It’s not discussed enough. It was a catastrophe. An absolute disaster. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

We’ll be back. We’ll return. You’ll find a lot here. Let me force through, there are a couple of other things I want to discuss. We’re waiting on the indictments for January 6. The Fulton County prosecutor in Georgia is preparing to file racketeering allegations against Trump based on witness sway and computer trespass. She’s now leaking information to the media. Smith and other thugs in the “special counsel’s” office leaked information from the letter to Rolling Stone. All of this is unethical and damnable conduct, yet nobody seems to care. Joe Scarborough is a good example. I wish he was subjected to an IRS criminal investigation. I can only hope that he will be subjected. A U.S. Attorney who hates him will launch a criminal investigation. I wish he had nowhere to go for help. He and his wife are facing multiple felony charges even though they could be innocent. Then maybe, just maybe the S.O.B. The S.O.B. will then understand what is going on. But I doubt it. I doubt it. I doubt it. He’s only an example. He is the latest foil to be scrutinized so closely. As Trump’s. We find out all sorts of things about him and his finances. This is lifestyle. I don’t understand. I have no idea. Everybody has, quote unquote, secrets. Summer. Minor embarrassing summer Major. Major. Life threatening. The hitman is aware of this. He is not a prosecutor. Jack Smith is a true hitman. I would like to encourage you to see what I believe to be the greatest life, liberty, and living ever. What do you think, Mr. Bridges. Ever. He’s always been there with me. I’ve been with Blaze, and the Fox show The Best Life, Liberty and Livin Ever, since its inception. Once you have seen it, I would love to hear your opinion. The same time Sunday 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific. Set your DVR. As I understand, you can set up your DVR. You want to record the show every Sunday? Yeah. Just once. Neither. You can watch it or not. You should watch it. Byron Donaldson will be our first guest. Peter Schweitzer will be the second guest. My opening remarks are longer than usual. I go through the entire script. Describe exactly what is happening. People always tell you that they love your monologue or opening statement. So I woke up at 5:00 this morning. I began working on. I will have others write for me. I don’t know any writers. I don’t. What are those devices that people use to read Mr. Produce from? I can’t remember teleprompters. I didn’t mean I don’t have teleprompters. I don’t know how to write. I am the only writer. Do your research. If I want to dig deep, I will have to put in more effort. This is going to be a very, extremely, very important thing because of the direction this country is heading. We’re being dragged. The Democrat Party is dragging us into this hell. Mitch McConnell continues to be silent. I’m starting to believe that Mitch is the reason why he has become a vocal critic. They might start to take a closer look. He admits to his family’s relationships with the communist Chinese Government. You never know. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 3

Everything the government touches is a waste of time. There’s now a delay of 13 weeks to obtain a new passport or renew a product that was missed. 13 weeks. It’s over four months. Why? Why? Have all the money you can get. They touch everything. It’s all about air traffic control. On-time takeoffs and landings by airlines. Disaster. Disaster. Disaster. Federal Reserve was supposed to guarantee sound money. Everything. They want to do more. You’ll have to wait until brownouts or blackouts begin. They will try to take over all private businesses by blaming them. They’re going do it anyway. Joe Scarborough is on the Morning Joe Show. Cut! Go. You’ve also got the other people, who are supposed to be these IRS informants and who get up there. Hold on. What do you mean by supposedly? They’re not informants. They’re whistleblowers. What a jackass. You don’t know the difference. You put these people’s careers at risk by dismissing them. You can see how it works. Here’s how Joe Scarborough got a job. Go ahead. Donald Trump In 2010, when I complained, Donald Trump was the president, and Trump’s IRS, and Trump’s Justice Department. I heard this. Jessica TARLOV, our friend, tells me this. This is what I’ve heard from a Democrat. This all began when Donald Trump was President of the United States. Donald Trump was president in 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get started. These people have come forward because they had been blocked. Donald Trump is not at the Department of Justice or the Internal Revenue Service. They were blocked. Garland and Garland are Biden appointees. They’ve told us that. The Department of Justice has political appointees, including Biden’s appointees. Not Trump appointees. When these investigations begin, they have nothing to do. What is the point? You better remember that, if something happened to the wonderful, beautiful Biden family, while Donald Trump was President, they would impeach him for a third time. This is the propaganda that we are hearing. Wait a minute. It began under Trump. You know, the censorship began under Trump. Yes. Donald Trump didn’t order censorship. The least. You can read the 155-page document of the judges. Oh, yeah. Perhaps someone was dropped here, but Donald Trump directed it. They are able to go on and on about what Biden and the Democrats have done, but they only want to discuss Donald Trump. They are not coming forward because of Donald Trump but because of Biden. But you know what else? All of this started under Donald Trump in 2018. They have a talking point. They don’t care about anything else. Nothing. It was Donald Trump’s U.S. Attorney. I don’t get it. These people say that’s either good or bad. He reports to Biden’s appointee. Go ahead. Here is the document. This is all nonsense. Chuck Grassley is going to go, and I don’t really care if he is guilty or not. We are just trying to cause chaos. Chuck Grassley. This is how he works. He said that. What a liar. This document. He is referring to the form 1023. Chuck Grassley did not create this form. This form was created by. Garland was Attorney General. Biden was president. It was created by Federal Bureau of Investigation. You and I should ignore it. It is best to ignore it. Ignore it. This is why the FBI director tried to cover up this crime for all those months. Right. That’s why he. He released it only after it had been heavily redacted. Right. Finally, today we will hear it all. You know, it’s all meaningless. According to the reprobate. Joe Scarborough. Joe, you are coming off as a jackass, which is the best you can do. I think that’s the best she could do. Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post. Trump is a fascist, and that’s all there is to it. I’m certain he was convinced. These two IRS agents convinced him. Remember that he claimed Trump was a Fascist because he wanted the bureaucracy to be eliminated. Mr. Producer. Listen to him. Cut five. Go. This isn’t about connecting the dots. The aim is to just throw out all the dots that do not connect. Just throw. We don’t understand what genius is talking about. All of them connect Biden. They don’t even connect to anything. It’s amazing. They claimed they were obstructed and that they walked slowly. Even though they were supported by federal prosecutors, certain search warrants could not be approved. In Washington, however, they were blocked. The U.S. Attorney in Washington blocked. The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles is blocked. Treasury Department will not give SaaS reports to banks. Their testimony was to prove their innocence. The IRS senior criminal investigator. The IRS criminal investigator who has the final say. They came forward when they could not conduct their investigation. They could not connect the dots. This was the goal. There are a lot more dots, and there are a lot smart Americans who don’t buy your crap. Eugene. Go ahead. The atmosphere around this is full and not going to be able to address even one. The bombshells will drop. These IRS agents. He won’t address any of them. This guy used to sell us on the Pulitzer Prize Committee. Mr.. Oh, yeah. Oh, he’s a genius. Ellie Hoenig is the CNN Senior Legal Analyst. What does Ellie have to say? Cut the sex girl. The question was, what is the authority of David Weiss as US Attorney? David Weiss, as well as Merrick Garland, both said that he had been given a blank check. He could have. This is not what I meant. Excuse me. You idiot. Is that the problem? Weiss attended a meeting of six people. Shapely took contemporaneous notes. He didn’t actually say that. He said that he was the final authority. You have a question, counsellor. Why are we getting into this mess? Why not simply appoint an oversight authority for special counsel? Why, Mr. Hoenig? Why is it that the Attorney General of the United States will not appoint an independent counsel? Mr. Hoenig, why didn’t you appoint one months ago? You know, pal, the standards are quite low. Conflict or the appearance of conflict. What do you think about this? I think that there is an appearance of conflict. Go ahead. To me, these are two people who I find very credible. David Weiss, a Trump appointee in this case, was a Democrat. He is credible because he was appointed by Trump. Who are you fooling? How many times will we hear David report the citizen? Who is he reporting to? Carlin. Donald Trump. Yeah. Yeah. He Hey, David Weiss is from Philadelphia. This guy is a genius. David Weiss. I’ve been friends with him for a long time. Oh, yeah, highly qualified. He’s my political side. They want you to think this. I then nominated him as U.S. Attorney. It’s not true. You’re as green as you can be when you go into the room. You’re the president of United States and you have a million decisions to make. The decision of who will be the U.S. Attorney for Wilmington, Delaware is not at the top. You get recommendations from others. This guy seems to be good. This guy seems to be good. He appoints the people. So it is. A Trump appointee. They want you to think that if it’s a Trump appointment, then he worked on his campaign. I agree with Trump. He must share the same ideology as Trump. All of this is not true. Ellie Hoenig lied to CNN’s audience. Lies. Go ahead. My criticisms of him have been a straight-shooter who has told the truth. How in the world do you know this? CNN while you’re sitting on your fat arse. How in the world do you know this? He was challenged under oath and under penalty of perjury. A civil servant, an Irish senior criminal investigator. This is a challenge to what Garland said. You sit and listen to him. That’s all. Unbelievable. I’ll be back.

Segment 4

You can think of it as a military operation if you’re running. On the political side there is a political operation that’s modeled after a military one. If you were to remove the general from office, Rudy Giuliani would be one of them. One of his colonels. They’re attempting to eliminate all of his lawyers. These billionaires with dark money. They are in a small room. This is not a joke. Who are they going to give their money to? The money is not revealed. They set up 65 Project Media Matters and all the other groups in order to achieve their goals. The 14th Amendment group and the impeachment groups. They put in. Here’s your $5 million. You get $10 million. Get them. This, this, this. This is the most important story that hasn’t been told in America. It’s amazing that nobody has put it all together. We have these Democrat radical-left billionaires. They use what they call “dark money” because they do not have to reveal who they are or how much money they give. We are destroying this nation. They bought and paid for Democrat Party. John, I’d like to play you a song. Jack Schlossberg, the grandson to President John Kennedy, is Jack Schlossberg. Caroline Kennedy is the son of Jack Schlossberg. Listen to him. Robert F Kennedy Jr. and why media outlets like NBC are so excited about this. They love when family members fight each other. They will pretend that it didn’t happen if the fight is a Scarborough, or similar. Listen to this. Take a cuddle and leave. Joe Biden, like my grandfather, believes that America should not do things because they’re easy but because they’re hard. You don’t seem to know who your grandfather was. Great grandfather was a conservative and would be horrified by what is happening in the Democrat Party. He was a liberal. He would be horrified that his grandson attacks. He’d be disgusted. He would be horrified. Jack Kennedy tax cuts Jack Kennedy built the military. Jack Kennedy faced the Russians. It goes on. Jack Kennedy wasn’t a radical leftist. I’m not a huge fan. It doesn’t really matter. He wasn’t Bernie Sanders. He actually defeated the Bernie Sanders type. I’m ready for the nomination. Let’s hear what you have to say. Go ahead. Biden, you can become the most progressive president that we have ever had. You heard that. The grandson of John Kennedy loves Biden, because he will be the most progressive president that we have ever had. Go ahead. 18 million jobs. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 60 years. Biden approved the largest infrastructure investment since the new. There is a similarity to a parrot. Twittering the Biden propaganda. We have to finish this to reach the end. Go ahead. The largest investment ever made in green energy. Stop right there. Cut 12, same Jack Schlossberg. No. He’s instead trading on Camelot and celebrity conspiracy theories, and conflict, for personal gain. This is his Uncle. I’ve heard him. I know him. I don’t know why anyone would want him to be president. His candidacy is embarrassing, that’s all I know. We must not get distracted by someone’s vanity project. I’m excited to vote Joe Biden both in the primary in my state and in the general elections. I hope you’ll do the same. Joe Biden is a man who can barely think, cannot even walk or speak. He is excited to vote him. What did I tell you? It doesn’t really matter that this man has an IQ as low as a can of orange juice. People around him. Obama Marxists are all over the government and the Democrat Party is supporting this revolution. It’s important that these things get done. Joe Biden is the man who will get them done. It’s because of this that they dislike Robert Kennedy. Here’s why Robert Kennedy is being attacked, etc. Trump faces legal woes Did you know this, Mr. BLITZER? How many legal analysts are there at CNN, MSNBC, or elsewhere? The opposition media, or the Democrat media. Here, you can see the abuses of authority. Leakage that is taking place. Cutting corners. Election interference. They all. They are state-run media. They are devoted to it. They’re ideologically. Look at this. A communications director is another Biden top-person who now works. The idiot who provided the CNN spokesperson is no longer working for MSNBC, Mr. Producer. See how it works? I’ll be back in a moment.

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