Joe doesn’t get too many calls from Democrats in close race

Joe doesn’t get too many calls from Democrats in close races. In fact, most people prefer that he not answer the phone at all. At this point, the President’s low approval ratings and unpopular policies are more harmful than helpful.

One reporter asked Joe Thursday afternoon about his light campaigning with the midterms near.

“John Fetterman will appear with you today, but there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning alongside you,” a reporter asked. “Why?” asked a reporter.

“It’s false. There have been fifteen! Count, kid, count! The president replied, “Alright!”

“Okay, but are there going to more?” asked the reporter.

Biden clearly was annoyed and said “Yeah!”

From Fox News

Karine Jean-Pierre , White House Press Secretary, defended Biden’s campaign calendar Monday. Reporters asked her whether she had been requested to appear by candidates from swing states such as Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Biden had been scheduled to meet privately with Fetterman earlier this week. However, it was changed to a publicly accessible appearance.

Jean-Pierre was told by a reporter that Biden plans to travel to Pennsylvania and Florida but with the help of two Democratic candidates. “There is a White House Office of Political Affairs. Are they getting calls from candidates in other states, such as Arizona, Nevada and Georgia? Wisconsin, Michigan, Wisconsin, Michigan, to say that we would love for the president to visit?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “I don’t have any calls for reading out.” “We don’t have any calls, or personal conversations to read it.”

You can watch the video above. Fox News has more:

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