A 14-year old boy is charged with murder after accidentally killing a 9-year-old.

A teen accidentally fatally shot a young boy in a car in Wisconsin. The teen shot the child after an adult exited the vehicle, and he found a gun in the glove compartment.

Authorities said that a 14-year old boy was charged with second degree reckless homicide for accidentally shooting and killing a nine-year-old child last month.

A criminal complaint stated that the teen claimed to have shot Harwinder in the car’s back seat after finding a firearm in the glove box when a male stepped out of the car to enter an establishment.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a report on Thursday that the shooting took place in a parking lot of a strip mall on July 24.

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The complaint states that a witness who knew the boys and 43-year-old driver in the car removed the gun but returned later to give it back to Milwaukee Police.

In Wisconsin, a 14-year old boy was charged with second degree homicide for the fatal shooting Harwinder Singh.


The teenager will be tried at juvenile court for charges including possession of a deadly weapon by a child and obstructing a police officer.

The shooting occurred three days before Singh’s 10th Birthday.

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It was unclear what the relationship between the boys and the man driving the car was.

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