A 16-year old California boy was killed when a Walmart suspect who stabbed a group of people crashed into their car.

A man suspected of stabbing a Walmart employee is accused of killing a teen boy after crashing his vehicle into a group of high school students in Thousand Oaks, California.

Authorities said that one Southern California teen was killed, and three others were injured when a suspect in a stabbing incident crashed his vehicle into a group of teenagers walking near their high-school on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Ventura County Sheriff Deputy Ashley Barrios, investigators are looking at whether the driver who allegedly stabbed an employee of Walmart earlier in the day intentionally crashed into teens in Thousand Oaks.

Barrios stated that the police were not pursuing the suspect. The extent of the suspect’s injuries were not immediately known.


Barrios reported that a 16 year old boy died after being struck by a car, and meanwhile a 16 year old girl was in ‘critical condition’. A 16-year old boy suffered minor injuries while a girl, 15, was in moderate health.

Conejo Valley Unified Schools District posted a Facebook statement saying, “During this unimaginable time, our thoughts and prayer remain with these students and their families, as well as friends and the entire Warrior Community.”

On Tuesday, a suspected stabbing suspect is accused of killing a 16-year old boy and injuring three other high school students as they walked near their school, located in Thousand Oaks.

According to Simi Valley Police, the Walmart stabbing took place in Simi Valley at around 2:40 pm. The suspect, who has not been identified, fled in a white Toyota Camry. Walmart employee sustained one stab injury.

Barrios stated that the suspect was then involved in a domestic dispute with family members about 15 miles away in Camarillo. Barrios said that no one was injured.

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Officials said that the suspect then drove to Thousand Oaks, about 12 miles away from Camarillo, where he crashed his Camry into two teenagers at around 3:15 pm.

The identities of the teens have not been released by the authorities. Additional details were not immediately known.

Thousand Oaks, located about 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.

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