A Fruit STATE AND A DATE? Fourth Prosecution is on the way, Review

According to a report from The Hill, streets around the Atlanta courthouse where Trump may be indicted are being closed and getting a security bump; could indictment number four be imminent?

A report by The Hill states thatstreets surrounding the Atlanta courthouse, where Trump could be indicted, are being closed. Could indictment number 4 be imminent?

The Hill :

The Fulton County Courthouse, Fulton County Government Center and Pryor Street will remain open for the public. The courthouse will not allow public parking on either side.

The increased security comes at a time when Fulton County District attorney Fani willis (D) is expected seek a grand juries indictment as part of her investigation against Trump and his Republican ally to overturn 2020 elections in the state.

Willis’s probe into whether Trump broke the law spanned over two years. It focused heavily on a January 2021 call Trump made with Georgia Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger (R), where he asked Raffensperger “to find” 11,780 voters to overturn Biden’s victory in the election.

This story is evolving…

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