A Jewish policeman dies as a result the Palestinian attack in Tel Aviv, and also the shooter.

At least one man is in a serious condition after a shooting on a street in central Tel Aviv on Saturday, Israeli police said.

JERUSALEM – Israeli officials announced on Saturday that a Tel Aviv municipal police officer had died after being shot in the chest by a Palestinian while patrolling a central Tel Aviv street.

Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai said that another member of the municipal patrol shot and killed the suspected shooter.

In a statement, the Israeli police stated that the gunman was a resident of Jenin, occupied West Bank. He is 27 years old. Hamas, a militant Palestinian group, praised the attack without taking responsibility.

The shooting occurred a day following the death of a Palestinian teenager in an Israeli attack on a Palestinian settlement in the West Bank.

Washington is concerned about the increasing number of attacks committed by Jewish settlers in Palestinian villages on the West Bank. Violence has increased since last year, with more Israeli raids and Palestinian attacks on Israelis.

Tel Aviv Mayor Huldai stated that the worker approached the attacker when he noticed something suspicious. The shooter then opened fire at the municipal employee. The shooter was then killed by a second municipal worker.

Huldai stated, “We are at the scene of a tragic incident.” “We pray for the safety of the injured.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, praised in a brief statement the actions of municipal patrol officers.

According to Israel’s public broadcaster, despite the attack, thousands of people protested against the planned judicial overhaul of the ruling coalition, which would strip the highest court of many of its powers.

Those in favor of the bill say that it restores the balance between the branches of government. Those against the law say that it removes the checks on the government’s powers.

The coalition passed a bill last month that took away the power of the courts to overturn government actions on the basis of the action being classified “unreasonable.”

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