A Maine resident aged 87 fed peanut butter crackers to a home invader before calling 911 and the police.

A Maine woman, 87, recounted the moment a teenager broke into her home and threatened to cut her, so she fought back and offered him a snack before calling 911.

A Maine woman said to local news that she gave a home intruder peanut butter crackers, before calling the police.

Marjorie Perkins said that she was woken up by a half-naked teenager intruder who stood over her bed at 2 am on July 26 . He threatened to cut her using a knife which he brought into her home, but had left in another bedroom.

She told The Associated Press, “I thought, if he is going to cut me, I will kick him.”

She put on shoes and fought against the young intruder who hit her in the cheek and head before turning around and heading toward her kitchen.


span data-1fd77e21 =””>Marjorie Perkins talks to a reporter at her home, in Brunswick, Maine, on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. Police said that a teenager broke into her house and assaulted her. She suffered bruises. She fought off the teen and fed him before he fled (News Center Maine, via AP).

Perkins told AP the teenager was “awfully” hungry, so she gave him a box containing peanut butter and honey biscuits, two protein drinks, and two tangerines. Perkins called 911 using a rotary telephone and spoke to a dispatcher while he was collecting the pants.


In Perkins’ Brunswick home where she lived for 42 year, the intruder had left behind his shirt, a blade and a water bottle with alcohol. She has lived in Brunswick for 42 years and feels safe there, but recent trends of crime worry her.

She told AP, “I believe our law is just about to fold up.” “People don’t fear anything anymore.” “They feel that they can do whatever they want.”

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In a press statement, Brunswick police stated that they had located a juvenile matching Perkins’ description as the intruder who was staying only a few block away from the victim. The juvenile was taken into custody by the authorities and charged with burglary and criminal trespassing. He also faces charges of assault and drinking alcohol as a minor.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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