A photo of Rwanda in America, Courtesy Of The Left


In 2000, I was sent by the New York Post to Israel by Pope John Paul II to report on his historic pilgrimage to Holy Land. To pay my respects, I arrived at Yad Vashem in Israel early. A temporary exhibit showed how anti-Semitic propaganda prepared the German people for the Holocaust. It began relatively mildly. In the early 20th century, Germany went through a hygiene craze that saw the masses think more about their bodily health and purity. Then they started to see themselves as part of the body politic. Who were the infectious agents that made the body politic sicken? Of course, Jews. It was scientifically stated by the eugenicists who were also among the most respected medical authorities in America at the time.

All this is known. It is important to note — and this is something the exhibit did well — that it didn’t start with Hitler. The German people were ready for Hitler. Only a few decades of constant, and steadily increasing, propaganda was enough to prepare the German people for exterminating the “parasites”, Jews, Gypsies and Slavs, gays, the disabled, or anyone else they claimed were evil due to their race or other characteristics. The mass media played a major role in dehumanizing people.


It stayed with me. It is something I always think about whenever I see something similar, as I did this morning on my Twitter feed.

This video comes from Cut, a YouTube channel based in Seattle that makes short, high-quality videos about fluffy topics. They have made unvarnished racism viral by transforming it into something that is easily shared. This is the way it works today for the Left. It is something that no one even considers.

Tucker Carlson seems to be the only one. This is the extraordinary monologue that Tucker Carlson delivered last night.

[embedded content]

Carlson isn’t content to point out the horrendous on-air anti-white racism displayed by MSNBC hosts. He also asks the important question: Where is it going? If this goes on, what kind of country will we have in the next few years? The host begins by talking about how the Hutu radio station of Rwanda in 1993 prepared the Hutu tribe for the massacre of Tutsi members in what would become a historic genocide. This was not a natural event. Radio Mille Collines prepared Hutus by exacerbating tribal hate and creating it.

On this blog back in 2017, I wrote a series of posts about Tommy Curry, a black philosopher who taught at the time at Texas A&M. You can see those posts here,


This morning, I am thinking of T., a friend and former housemate, who is one of the most committed Christians I know. He is white, evangelical, and a long-standing conservative. He was an RA in college and was brutally beat by three black men. His broken jaw was wired shut, and he ended up in hospital. T was the only person who could have cause to hate and fear black people. He didn’t. He was aware that these were three evil men, not because they were black but because they were. He knew that it was wrong to judge all blacks based on the bad behavior of three men. It is only bad to demonize an entire race based on the violence committed by these individuals. This is what his faith taught him and what basic principles of justice taught to him. T.’s view of the world in America today is a relic.

It’s a fact that can’t be repeated enough: demonizing one race will inexorably legitimize demonizing all races. Tucker Carlson raises a crucial question repeatedly in his segment. Why is Comcast, the parent company of MSNBC, allowing this? How can they make a profit by inciting hatred against whites? How can they make a profit from the propaganda that convinces black people they are forever victims and their racial rage is justified? Comcast’s nine-member Board of Directors are two-thirds White. They are inciting hatred against their own people. They are inciting hatred of anyone.

It is wrong to demonize people based on their race We would need to remember that in modern America. Who would have thought that progressive American institutions would be the main propagandists of hate speech in 21st-century America? We are here. This is what American progressivism stands up for in 2022: A Balkanized nation in fear and hatred of each other based on race. It is not too late for us to stop this spiral of hate and national suicide. It’s time to act now, before violence begins. We don’t have the luxury of time.

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