A Republican lawyer, who taught previously at University of New Hampshire, was stabbed in his own home to death.

A lawyer and Republican activist who once taught at the University of New Hampshire was stabbed to death in his home, authorities said.

DURHAM (N.H.) — Authorities said that a lawyer and Republican activist, who had taught at the University of New Hampshire, was fatally stabbed in his own home.

Alexander Talcott, age 41, died early Saturday morning in Durham from a neck injury, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Authorities have identified all those involved in the stabbing. They are still trying determine whether the person who killed Talcott was acting in self-defense. The authorities have not arrested anyone but claim that there is no public danger.

Talcott taught corporate finance and law at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics of the University of New Hampshire until 2021.

In a Monday statement, the university expressed its deep sadness at the news of Alex Talcott’s sudden death. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Alex Talcott’s family during this difficult time.”

William O’Brien, the current New Hampshire chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association said that Talcott was also a former director at the state level for the organization.

In a press release, O’Brien stated that “we will honor Alex’s unselfish dedication and profound contribution to our shared vision for liberty through legal processes.” His legacy will inspire future generations in the RNLA as well as the wider legal community.

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