A shocking murder in Paris

A shocking murder in Paris

A shocking murder in Paris:

An Algerian national aged 24 was charged with “murder of 15-year old minor accompanied by torture, rape or acts of barbarism“. Monday’s indictment came after Friday’s grisly murder of Lola, a 12-year-old girl from Paris. According to a source, she was placed in custody. After the discovery of the body of the schoolgirl, this woman and a 43 year-old man were presented to an examining magistrate. An investigation has been initiated by the judiciary.

According to reports, the suspect is suffering from mental disorders. He was taken into custody in Bois-Colombes, Hauts-de-Seine, at dawn Saturday. The Paris prosecutor’s office released a statement stating that she would have taken her victim to her sister’s apartment. She would have made her take a shower before she committed sexual assaults on her and violence that led to her death. According to Laure Beccuau, the Paris public prosecutor, , ” Under each foot of the victim was written a zero and a one in red.” It doesn’t make me warm or cold,” the suspect reportedly said to investigators, who provided her with photos of Lola’s corpse. She would have said, ” I was also raped and witnessed my parents die.”

“The suspect does not have a criminal record as a perpetrator, but only one as someone who was a victim to domestic violence in 2018.” tells us about a source close the investigation. The woman was legally admitted to France in 2016 on a student residence permit. After being detained at an airport on August 21, 2022 by police, she was notified that she had to leave the territory. According to a source close, the police had noticed that she did not have a residence permit. In an unusual situation, she was not talked to by the police until the tragedy.


Also, it could be said that the alleged murderer was an illegal alien from Algeria.

I emailed a Parisian friend and asked him what he thought would happen to Lola after her rape, torture and murder. His words in white; our exchange

He is probably right. Keep singing “La diversite est notre fortune” until your bad thoughts disappear.

Do not judge the French too quickly. We do the exact same thing: we turn our collective heads when violent crime perpetrators are part of a sacred victim population.

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