A suspect in the Colorado LGBTQ nightclub massacre has been charged with 305 charges, including murder and hate crime.

The man accused of opening fire inside an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado last month was charged with 305 criminal counts in case that will have a “voluminous” amount of evidence, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that the suspect in last month’s fatal rampage at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub was facing 305 criminal charges in a case with a “voluminous” amount evidence.

Anderson Lee Aldrich is being suspected of murdering five people and injuring 17 more at Club Q, Colorado Springs. Five other people were also injured, but they weren’t shot by gunshots. Police said that twelve other victims sustained no visible injuries.

According to Michael Allen, District Attorney, the 305 charges brought against Michael Allen include attempted first-degree and first-degree murders, bias-motivated crime, and first- and second degree assault.

Both sides requested the judge to set Aldrich’s preliminary hearing in May.

The Gazette via AP File The Parker Seibold / The Gazette

Allen spoke out citing his own busy trial schedule, and that defense lawyers will need to take the time to review all evidence against him.

Allen stated that the case was expected to be complex and would take defense lawyers some time to read it. He also said that they will be prepared to present evidence at a preliminary hearing.

However, 4th Judicial Circuit Judge Michael McHenry insists that the hearing can begin sooner and orders both sides to be available on February 22 for a preliminary hearing. He expects it to last at least two days.

Aldrich, who sat beside defense lawyers, wore a fluorescent lime jail uniform. He appeared attentive throughout the proceeding.

Tuesday’s pre-trial hearing marked the first time that the public had seen Aldrich in person since Nov. 23, when the 22 year-old made his initial court appearance.

The suspect was beaten up by club patrons, who fought back in the shooting. He appeared lethargic and couldn’t sit straight in a wheelchair.

Booking mug shots revealed numerous cuts on the suspect’s face as well as a black, swollen right eye and a bruise to the left ear. Aldrich is notbinary, and uses the they/them pronouns.

Witnesses credit Richard Fierro (45, , a Army veteran) for his quick action and for limiting the damage.

This is still a developing story. Keep checking back for more updates.

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