Aella & the Futility of ‘Consent’

“Aella” is a hooker, porn star and libertarian. she was interviewed by Reason magazine. This thread was shared by someone on my Twitter feed.


The majority of the thread is filled with language I don’t want to use here. But it ends this way:

She’s right, isn’t she? “But animals can’t consent!” I have heard it before. Arguments from people have been used before to defend normalizing betiality. It has never made any sense. Do you think animals can be compelled to be eaten?

Aella is also a numbers-cruncher/data scientist. A recent survey was conducted by Aella to determine who is most interested in bestiality. It’s not something I will link to, even though it’s safe to work with, but it is really fascinating to see how many people are interested in it. It turns out that transgender male-to-females are very interested in it. A strong interest in bestiality is also associated with sexual assault as children. Aella claims she is not judgmental about this.

I don’t want to talk about sick fetishes. I am interested in discussing how weak the liberal “consent line” is to stop people from acting like animals. After listening to an activist talk about the extent to which German public broadcasting services have made children more sensitive to kinky sex and other evils like blood-drinking and cannibalism, it came to my mind today. She also shared screenshots. Later, the German activist informed me that the Pride march had agreed to allow pedophiles openly march in one German city last year. Although I couldn’t find the exact name of the city it was, Reduxx, a feminist news site, reported that it was Koln (Cologne).


All of this is well-known. It’s there, even if it scares you into admitting it. N.S. Lyons’s lengthy essay on the Lewis, Tolkien and the Tao and the abolition man is worth reading. This applies to the issue Aella raises. Lyons agreeably cites C.S. Lyons approvingly cites C.S. Lewis’s assertion that there is no objective moral value if there is only will between us, the void. Today’s liberal says that sexual matters are of no significance unless the person consents. Smart but depraved Aella correctly points out that consent is not sufficient to condemn sex with animals unless one also believes that you shouldn’t eat them.

What about children? You say that children cannot consent by definition. The pedophiles continue to push for lowering the age at which consent can be given. What do you do about the case of a child I knew growing up? A boy we thought was perverse from a young age because he was obsessed with sex before most of us even knew what it was. When we were in second grade, he was found in the closet with a classmate. I believe the boy was the victim a child-molesting Catholic priest. This priest was an altar boy in 1970s. The local diocese acknowledged that the priest had molested many victims in his day. Although I can’t prove it, I believe that this priest initiated the boy into sex.

Let’s pretend that this is what actually happened. What if the little boy who was traumatized sought out sexual encounters and even initiated them? What would “consenting” people think? Side note: This is actually what happens. One of my interviews with a woman who worked in a shelter for sexually abused kids who had been taken from their parents’ care, revealed that one of the most distressing and disturbing things shelter workers had to deal with was little children reaching out for sexual affection because that’s how they were trained. It is possible to say that consent in this hypothetical case would not be true. Even if the child expressed a desire for sexual contact, it is impossible for society to allow this. This should not be allowed. However, consent is an extremely weak standard to use to stop something so terrible as child sexual exploitation.

Something has to give at some point. This will not be tolerated forever. Or will they? We have never seen a generation of children where the most vile sexual acts humans do are readily available to them on their devices. Even though Weimar Germany is a symbol of sexual decadence, I am pretty certain that they didn’t attempt to corrupt children’s imaginations like we do today.

This is how we use our freedom. We shouldn’t be surprised if it is taken away one day.

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