After a street fight turned to shooting, five people were injured in Pasadena.

A shooting that broke out in California has caused five injuries. Authorities said the shooting followed a fight that occurred on a street in Pasadena.

Authorities said that five people were injured in a shooting Friday night on a street of Pasadena in California after a fight.

Pasadena Police Department According to KNBC-TV, Lt. Monica Cuellar reported that officers discovered the victims in the 100 block of East Orange Grove Boulevard at around 7:30 pm.

The station reported that four victims were taken to hospital, and a fifth victim went without any assistance to the hospital. It was not immediately clear what the conditions of those injured were.


A shooting in Pasadena (California) last week resulted in at least five injuries. (Fox News)

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Cuellar stated that the shooting was the result of a fight. Cuellar said that there were no arrests made or suspects described immediately.

Pasadena Police didn’t immediately respond to a request for additional information from The Associated Press.

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