After ten migrants escaped from a pickup truck, a San Antonio woman was arrested for human smuggling.

The Texas Department of Public Safety arrested a woman on human smuggling charges after ten migrants ran from her pickup truck during a traffic stop in Texas.

After 10 migrants were rescued from her pickup truck, a San Antonio woman was arrested for human smuggling.

Eight migrants jumped over U.S.57 to escape. Two more migrants from Mexico were also apprehended at the scene.

Ten migrants escaped the pickup truck in Zavala County after it stopped. (Texas Department of Public Safety

Jennifer Flores (38 years old) was the driver. She was allegedly smuggling migrants across the border from Eagle Pass to San Antonio.


The 50-mile Zavala County is located just south of Uvalde and is approximately 50 miles east Eagle Pass. It has also seen an increase in human trafficking in the past year, along with other communities close to the border.

img alt=”The 38 year-old woman was taken into custody on charges of human smuggling. src=”″/>

The 38-year old woman was charged with human smuggling. (Texas Department of Public Safety

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According to Customs and Border Protection, more than 64,000 illegal immigrants managed to evade Border Patrol while approximately 205,000 were arrested.

This is after the record-breaking fiscal 2022, in which more that 2.3 million migrants were seen at the southern border.

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