Aliens? Aliens? Unsolved flash puzzles Kyiv is used to Russian missiles

A flash of light that lit up the night sky above wartime Kyiv has led to widespread confusion, public speculation about what caused it, and lighthearted jokes about space aliens in a city more accustomed to Russian missile attacks.

The flash of light above Kyiv during wartime caused confusion and led to public speculation as to what it was. There were also jokes made about space aliens, in a city that is more used to Russian missile strikes.

On Wednesday evening, video clips shared on social media revealed that the sky above the Ukrainian capital was suddenly lit up by a bright white light. In one video, an object that looked like it was crashing down to the ground appeared to be on fire.

Kyiv authorities reported that an unidentified aerial object fell from the sky around 2 p.m. ET (2 p.m. local) on Wednesday, forcing them to announce a air alert in Kyiv and surrounding regions. The authorities in Kyiv announced an air alert for the city and surrounding area on Wednesday at around 2 p.m. ET. The initial alarm was followed by questions as to what happened. These questions remained unanswered until the following morning.

The Kyiv Military Administration posted a message on Telegram saying that after verification and clarification the information regarding a possible air strike or enemy aircraft was not confirmed.

Kyiv is regularly hit by Russian drones and missiles, which have caused civilian areas to be destroyed and residents forced underground. Residents, including top officials, seemed to be enjoying speculating about the flash being unrelated to war.

Andriy Yeremak, the head of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Office, jokedly posted an image of a UFO.

NASA, the U.S. Space Agency, has ruled out the theory that the flash could have been caused by a U.S. falling satellite. Yuriy Ihnat suggested that a meteorite could have entered Earth’s atmospheric.

He claimed that the Ukrainian air defense force was not involved.

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