Amusement park closes ride after boy, 6, falls from Florida roller coaster

A 6-year-old boy in Florida was taken to a local hospital on Friday after suffering severe injuries from falling off a roller coaster.

Six-year-old boy from Kissimmee in Florida suffered severe injuries after falling off a roller coaster on Friday.

According to Fox 35, the Osceola County Fire Rescue Department reported that the incident occurred at the Fun Spot Amusement Park in Kissimmee at 3 pm on Friday after a report of a child falling from the park’s Galaxy Spin Roller Coaster.

The fire rescue department spokesperson said the boy, aged 6, was found “with traumatic injury” about 20 feet below the track of the ride.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services released a statement saying that the department was aware of the incident and has now closed the ride.


On Friday, a six-year old boy from Kissimmee in Florida was taken to hospital after suffering serious injuries when he fell off a roller coaster.

The department is investigating the incident. The statement states that the ride will be closed until the conclusion of the investigation.

Fun Spot America which runs the amusement park said that “an unfortunate accident happened on the Galaxy Spin Roller Coaster, resulting in a child’s injury.”

A spokesperson for the Fire Rescue Department said the boy, aged six, was found “with traumatic injury” about 20 feet below the track of the ride. ” (FOX 35)

The park stated, “Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and the child. We pray for their speedy recovery.” The safety of our visitors is our top priority. “We are investigating the incident with the Florida Department of Agriculture, the manufacturer and other agencies.”

The FDACS has examined the ride, and it was found to be in a normal operating condition. There were no mechanical problems. The FDACS also confirmed that the ride was operated in accordance with all safety guidelines and procedures outlined by both the manufacturer and the industry standards.

The Galaxy Spin roller coaster is designed in the style of a mouse. It has carts that can seat up to four riders.

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The park said that it would not reopen the ride “until there is 100% certainty this won’t happen again.”

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