April 26th 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, The House of Representatives voted to raise the debt limit today despite every single Democrat voting against it.

The House of Representatives voted today to increase the debt ceiling despite all Democrats voting against it, according to Mark Levin on Wednesday’s Mark Levin show. Joe Biden, who isn’t getting what he wants and hasn’t spoken to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in February, is playing chicken with national debt. Biden wants $7 trillion in budget, but Republicans countered by reducing his spending to $4.8 trillion while extending the debt limit. It is shocking what Democrats do to future generations and this generation. Taxes now account for 19.6% of our economy, which is the highest in history. The next closest period was World War II. New emails also show that Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, and his wife frequently emailed Hunter Biden. This raises further questions about the laptop cover-up. Joe Biden knows that Merrick Garland, the DOJ’s new director, will pardon Hunter and himself in case of any mishap. Nikki Haley later showed she was willing to sell her soul to the culture-war by inviting Disney’s headquarters to South Carolina. Haley has proven that she is not president material. She will not fight this Marxist movement or protect our children. Haley won’t fight for parents who are trying to protect their children from what is happening in the classrooms, and against the teachers unions.


House Republicans Advance Debt Ceiling Bill


The Welfare State of the Democrats cannot be funded by taxing the wealthy alone. The middle class will also need to be soaked.

Fox News

Blinken’s wife and Hunter Biden exchanged emails frequently, raising questions regarding their role in the laptop cover story

Fox News

Nikki Haley invites Disney South Carolina

The Telegraph

China prepares for war against the West


Analysis: Biden projected to bring over 2 million illegal aliens to the U.S. in this year

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