Arizona drive-by shooting kills 5-year-old and injures two minors

A 5-year-old was killed and two other minors injured in a Friday night drive-by shooting in Tempe, Arizona, police said.

Police in Tempe, Arizona reported that a 5-year-old boy was killed and two minors were injured in a drive-by shooting on Friday night.

Tempe Police Department officers responded to a shooting at the intersection of West Broadway Road & South 52nd Street around 11:45 pm.

According to police, officers discovered that the suspect vehicle had opened fire on a car that contained one adult and six minors. It was travelling eastbound on Broadway Road starting at 48th Street. The suspect vehicle fled the scene “immediately.”

Three minors were injured in the accident vehicle and they were taken to the local hospital, where the 5-year old was declared dead.

There are no suspects in custody. A motive is unknown at the moment.

Police stated in a statement that “This is an ongoing probe and there is nothing more to add at the moment.”

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