Arizona man executed in 1980 for double murder

Convicted murderer Murray Hooper, 76, was executed on Wednesday morning for killing two people on New Year's Eve in 1980 at a home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Murray Hooper, a death row inmate, was executed on Wednesday morning in connection to the murders of his mother-in law and a man in 1980. This was announced by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Hooper, aged 76, was killed by lethal injection in Florence, Arizona, at 10:33 AM.

Brnovich stated in a statement that “the people in Arizona made clear once more that those who have committed heinous crime in our state will face accountability.” “We cannot forget the victims nor stop seeking justice.”

This undated photo, provided by Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry, shows Murray Hooper, a prisoner who was executed via lethal injection on November 16, 2022 . (Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry via AP, FILE)

Hooper and two others broke into Patrick Redmond’s Phoenix home on December 31, 1980 as Redmond was preparing for a New Years Eve party with Helen Phelps, his wife and mother in law.


They tied and gagged each victim, then shot them in the heads and slit Redmond’s throat.

Patrick Redmond and Patrick Phelps both died from their injuries. His wife, however, survived and was later able to identify the men responsible for the murders.

img alt=”Patrick Redmond was killed in his Phoenix home in 80. src=”″/>

In 1980, Patrick Redmond was killed in his Phoenix home. (Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich)

The U.S. Hooper’s last-minute appeal to the Supreme Court was denied by the Court. Hooper’s lawyers had previously tried to get lower courts to look at DNA and fingerprints taken from the crime scene.


Nicole List, an attorney representing Hooper, said Fox News Digital that Arizona executed an innocent man after repeatedly denying him access to forensic tests that would have proven him innocent.

List stated that “Hooper’s case was plagued by injustice from its inception but he fought till the end.” “Hooper was a beautiful soul, whose memory will live on through the hearts and minds all who knew him.”

Hooper, along with Edward McCall and William Bracy, were sentenced for death. McCall and Bracy died in prison.

Exterior view of the execution chamber at Arizona State Prison Complex- Florence. (Reuters/Arizona Department of Corrections/Handout

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After an eight-year absence due to difficulty in obtaining lethal injection drugs, and after a 2014 execution critics claim was botched, Arizona executed its first executions again this year.

Hooper was the third death row inmate that the state executed this year. There are currently 110 death row inmates.

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