As scouts depart, the future of South Korea’s heatwave-hit summer jamboree is in doubt.

The World Scout Jamboree in South Korea faced calls to be canceled after contingents from the U.S. and Britain pulled out over extreme heat and weather conditions.

On Saturday, the World Scout Jamboreein South Korea was under fire for being canceled after large contingents of Americans and British pulled out one week earlier due to extreme weather and heat conditions.

The U.S. and Singapore pulling out on Saturday is a new blow for the organizers, and the South Korean Government, who had promised Friday more water trucks and air-conditioned areas, and medical personnel in an effort to save the event.

Saemangeum on the west coast of South Korea, near Buan, has temperatures of 93 degrees Fahrenheit. As of Friday, 39,000 participants were camping there, mostly scouts between 14-18 years old.

Kristin Sayers, from Virginia, said that her son Corey, 17, had spent $6,500 to participate in the jamboree. The experience turned out to be a nightmare.

“He knows how much that money is and what sacrifices we as a family made to send it him. She told Reuters via video link that she could have done a lot with the money.

To calm down the situation, South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeolordered that officials roll out tour programs showcasing Korean nature and culture in Seoul and other major cities.

Some countries have stated that they will remain on the camping grounds despite the extreme weather conditions. These include the Philippines, Argentina and others.

Marina Rustan said at a press briefing that she had seen some improvements around the site. “We were told by the government leadership that things would be improved.”

According to an email reviewed and published by Reuters, the U.S. Contingent will participate in a program of a jamboree on Saturday before moving on to U.S. Army garrison Humphreys close to the jamboree on Sunday.

The media team of the US contingent sent an email to parents saying that they had made the hard decision to leave the site of the 25th World Scout Jamboree early due to extreme weather conditions.

The largest group at the Jamboree is Britain. They announced on Friday that they would be staying in hotels in Seoul to relieve the pressure on the site.

On Saturday, British Scouts left the Buan campsite with their luggage.

British scouts leave the World Scout Jamboree camp in Buan, South Korea on Saturday. Kim Joohyung / AP

In a Friday statement, the World Organization of the Scout Movement stated that it had requested the Korean Scout Association “to consider alternative options to end the competition earlier than planned and to support the participants up until they leave for their home country.”

The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that organizers would meet Saturday to decide whether the event should continue, be cancelled or scaled back.

The extreme heat caused hundreds of participants to fall ill. They were treated by for heat-related illnesses . This prompted parents to complain about the safety of their kids.

Officials claim that as of Friday, more than 150 countries took part in the event.

The Jamboree will run until August 12.

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