As storm systems move in, heavy snow is expected for Northeast Coast and West Coast.

Heavy snow from a “potent storm system” is expected to batter the Northeast Saturday, while flash flooding could hit coastal areas of Northern California and southern Oregon, forecasters have warned.

Forecasters warn that heavy snowfall from a “potent system” will hit the Northeast Saturday. Flash flooding could also strike coastal areas in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

The National Weather Service stated in a bulletin that rain and strong winds are likely to affect large areas of Northeast.

It said that an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow was possible. Additionally, between 8 and 12 inches were expected for southern Maine, New Hampshire, and New Hampshire, through Saturday.

Forecasters said that heavy snow could also be expected to hit the West Coast with a new storm system moving in. This will bring the possibility of rain that could cause flash flooding along coastal areas of Northern California, Oregon and Northern California.

The National Weather Service stated in a bulletin that as the system moves southward, “an additional few feet of snow will become possible” in the higher terrains in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.

The National Weather Service’s Sacramento office issued a warning tweet about the potential for “substantial disruptions in daily life” this weekend.

In a separate bulletin, motorists were warned to avoid traveling in “impossible” situations. Also, “extensive, widespread closures, disruption of infrastructure” were possible.

According to the outage tracking website , 28,000 California homes and businesses were without power by Saturday morning, according.

California Governor. Gavin Newsom declared an emergency in 13 counties and activated emergency response and state support efforts to coordinate mutual assistance. To aid in disaster relief, he also mobilized the California National Guard.

Feb. 25, 202302:13

Officials said that 10 people died in the South after damaging winds and storms struck the region on Thursday and Friday.

Officials said that four people were killed in Kentucky Friday: one in Tennessee, three others in Alabama and one in Arkansas. One person died in Mississippi from severe weather on Thursday.

According to, more than half a million homes in Tennessee and Kentucky were without electricity on Saturday morning.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear declared an emergency prior to the storm. Craig Greenberg, the mayor of Louisville, followed suit on Friday evening due to the severe storms and high winds that caused widespread damage and posed danger to people and property.

Greenberg posted on Facebook, “I urge everyone in our community this evening to exercise extreme caution in the coming days — don’t drive through standing water, don’t approach downed electricity lines or do anything that could put the lives of any person at risk.”

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