At least one person is killed by a ‘damaging’ tornado that sweeps through Oklahoma

At least one person is dead following severe weather in central Oklahoma. At least one major tornado ripped through a small town and brought high-winds, heavy rain and large hail.

According to the National Weather Service, several damaging Tornados were observed in central Oklahoma. A tornado that rolled across central Oklahoma on Wednesday night brought with it 70 mph winds and golf-ball-sized hail.

Fox News Digital confirmed that the McClain County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed one death from the tornado that occurred in Cole, Oklahoma. There were no further details immediately available.

Numerous tornadoes ripped through a number central Oklahoma counties, including: Cole Chickasha Bridge Creek Moore and Norman.

A tornado that struck Cole, Oklahoma on Wednesday night caused damage to a home. (@H via twitter)

The NWS Tulsa warned that “severe thunderstorms with a track record of producing damaging twisters continue slowly to move east.” The worst severe weather will affect Okfuskee County and S Creek County until Midnight.


The 70 mph wind brought destruction to small towns in central Oklahoma. It ripped off roofs and power lines from buildings. According to the tracking site at least 18,000 Oklahomans were without power by midnight on Wednesday.

Residents shared large hail pieces that hit their vehicles and homes on social media. Some residents reported golf-ball-sized hail during the severe storms.

A tornado watch was issued for several states adjacent to central Oklahoma. The National Weather Service reported that Nebraska, Iowa Kansas Missouri and Texas were also affected by severe weather.

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University of Oklahoma, Norman, issued a Campus Emergency in response to the storms. The university advised those on campus to take shelter immediately.

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